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from Jagadananda

Dear Vipramukhya, Umapati Prabhus and Devi Madhusudaniji,

You are doing a good job. Your reporting is well-written and you take the trouble to edit. Some mistakes still get through (disclamer = disclaimer in Danavir's letter), but you seem to be making an effort.
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I was particularly pleased to see Bahudak's letter. Bahudak is an old friend and he is an impartial observer, so if he writes something, people will appreciate it. I noticed that VNN picked it up, which is a good sign. They are also looking for good news to publish.

So, I think that you need to solicit more good news. There must be activities going on. Everyone should be informed that no preaching activity is complete without a (well-written) report to go on the internet. These reports will inspire not only active devotees, but the many fringies like myself whose principal association comes through the internet.

It seems that only the devotees in Utah have understood this. Where is everyone else?

Madhusudani's terse and powerful response to GHQ was also a pleasure to see.

As far as the new slogan is concerned, I could do without it. There is no need for you to take a supercilious attitude. Find a slogan which more traditionally reflects pure devotional service and let your actions speak for themselves.

Your servant,


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