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Testimony From Bhurijan

It appears that there may be an additional history that Bahudaka didn't mention in his letter. This was just reported by Bhurijana Prabh from Vrindavan, and reached CHAKRA only minutes ago. Please note Bahudak Prabhu has now replied.

Bhurijana Prabhu says:

One of abusers from Vancouver that Bahudaka mentions was sent by the Vancouver temple as a teacher. His name was Sastra. He was sent with the Gurukula-age boys from Vancouver in the early '80's, perhaps in 1984. Before being sent to Vrindaban, Sastra had commited abuse while acting as the asrama teacher in Vancouver, while Bahudaka was in charge of the Vancouver temple. When he was sent as a teacher to Vrindaban, although to my knowledge the Vancouver authorities were at least somewhat aware of his misdeeds, the Vrindaban school was not informed.
Sastra, after some time, eventually made an attempt to abuse an older student in Vrindaban, and he was removed and sent back to Vancouver. The Vancouver authorities were informed, and yet Sastra was again made the asrama teacher in Vancouver! Bahudaka even allowed the fellow to marry his oldest daughter! When Sastra again abused a boy in Vancouver, he was finally kicked out. Later, as told by Bahudaka, his own children brought charges against the fellow.

Note: Here at CHAKRA we certainly do not think Bahudaka Prabhu is concealing any information. Our impression of Bahudaka is that he is a very nice devotee trying to return to the association of devotees. We personally accept his letter as valid and truthful.

Click here to read Bahudak's reply to Bhurijan.

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