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Comments on Child Abuse

by Dharmaraja dasa

(SWEDEN) -- Several things should be noted concerning the GBC resolutions on Child Abuse (click here to read these GBC Resolutions):

1. There is no longer an International Board of Education.

2. For the last 3 years the International Office of Education has been the entity dealing with abuse cases.

3. As with any law passed in the non devotee world, it's application over the years forms a kind of legal precedent that dictates the real, practical meaning of the law. Such is also the case with this resolution. Specifically, the resolution states: "In no case should a confirmed or suspected perpetrator remain in the local community unless the local ISKCON authorities obtain the written authorization of no less than 3/4 of the parents of children at the project or in the community. The local government authorities and/or the ISKCON Board of Education will make the final determination of the appropriate degree of segregation.

This has been applied with the following emphasis:

a. the vote must be an informed vote; that is, the devotees voting must know the details of the incidents and the treatment the perpetrator underwent.

b. in many cases, a professional evaluation is called for so that the risk factor can be identified.

c. "remain in the local community" can mean several things:

1. living on the ISKCON property 2. living near the ISKCON property (of course here we have no real control) 3. coming to perform service at the temple 4. attending the programs at the temple

Ultimately the local community must judge to what extent the perpetrator is segregated from the body of devotees. However that decision can not be made unless the devotees deciding are sufficiently informed.


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