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1990 GBC Resolutions on Child Abuse in ISKCON

GBC Resolution, 119, passed in 1990, reads as follows:

That the following is adopted as the official ISKCON policy on child abuse incidents:

1) The local governing authority of each ISKCON school or community is responsible to appoint 2 or 3 devotees to investigate and follow-up on all suspected or confirmed cases of child abuse.

2) Suspected or confirmed cases of child abuse must be reported to local government authorities for investigation and/or prosecution. In India, the ISKCON International Office of Education may authorize a waiver of this requirement if the perpetrator is willing to sign a statement authorizing the International Office of Education to publicize the incident to all ISKCON-related educational projects and other concerned parties

3) All suspected or confirmed incidents of child abuse must be reported immediately to the local GBC secretary, and, within thirty days, to the ISKCON International Office of Education. The ISKCON International Office of Education shall review the investigation and give a finding as to the status of the alleged perpetrator as confirmed, suspect, or innocent/not-suspected.

4) The perpetrator or alleged perpetrator must be immediately segregated so that he has no possible contact with the victim or other children. This segregation may take the form of relocating the perpetrator to another part of the project, away from children; banishment from the project (and possibly from other ISKCON projects with children); or in severe cases, banishment from all ISKCON projects. The degree of segregation will be determined by the nature and severity of the offense; the attitude of the perpetrator; the feasibility of protecting the children from further abuse or intimidation; and the sentiments of the local devotees, especially the parents.

In no case should a confirmed or suspected perpetrator remain in the local community unless the local ISKCON authorities obtain the written authorization of no less than 3/4 of the parents of children at the project or in the community. The local government authorities and/or the ISKCON Board of Education will make the final determination of the appropriate degree of segregation.

5) Any confirmed child abuser may never again serve in association with children in any ISKCON project. The Board will also make available to all ISKCON educational projects and temples the names of all accused, admitted, confirmed or convicted child abusers.

6) Abused children must get appropriate professional counseling so that the serious ill-effects of the abuse can be minimized.

7) All ISKCON educational projects must have preventative programs which train children how to avoid and report child abuse incidents.

8) The local GBC man (or men) are directly responsible to implement the measures outlined above. Should the GBC Body find a GBC man or other ISKCON manager responsible for suppressing or covering-up complaints of child abuse, or supporting intimidation of those who might complain, the GBC man shall be open to censure or probation, and the ISKCON manager shall be open to appropriate disciplinary action.

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