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Gurukuli’s signing papers
by Jahnavi

I want to clarify Children of Krishna's position regarding any signing that occurs in regards to the recent posting headed ISKCON Abuse Victims Coerced To Sign Away Rights To Sue?

Children of Krishna is an independent organization and has no need for such documents for our applicants to sign. The document has nothing to do with any grants that Children of Krishna gives. Please do not associate Children of Krishna's name with it before calling and asking us, as you will find we have no such papers to sign to receive grants. Below you can read the forms that we ask our applicants to sign which simply outline our policies and restrictions. That is it.

Regarding the Office of Child Protection, as a youth organization, CKI makes it our business to know what and how the OCP is doing. I can say that they also have no such form for applicants to sign. I myself received a therapy grant from them and never received such an agreement.

Regarding the document, it could be in regards to a threat from a victim to sue and a subsequent settlement agreement in which this kind of document would only be natural.

To check out more on Children of Krishna as well as our grant applications etc. visit www.com.org/cki

Yours truly, Jahnavi

 Cover page:
Please read and sign below!

The Children of Krishna Board of Directors meet once a month to discuss grant and loan applications. Applications need to be received by our office by the first of each month to be considered in a timely manner. Please print neatly. Sign and date your completed application, and mail it along with your letters of recommendation and other documentation to our office.

To expedite the processing of your application, you may send an e-mail version to our CKI directors immediately. However, no final decision can be made until we have received a printed and signed hardcopy of your application and all accompanying documents.

Email: CKI@com.bbt.se

You may check on the status of your application at any time by contacting our office at:

CHILDREN OF KRISHNA, Inc. P.O. Box 2458 Alachua, FL 32616 U.S.A. Phone: (904) 462-1081 E-mail: afn56839@afn.org

Our Mission:

Children of Krishna, Inc. supports, furthers and protects the educational, economic, emotional, and spiritual advancement of the children of the Hare Krishna movement.

Children of Krishna's standards are professionalism and equal opportunity for all parties, therefore we ask you to please take the time to fill out this grant application form.

Please also note that it is CKI's policy not to pay for living expenses but we will work with you on getting the funds you need to help reach your goals. Approval of grants does not create any contract between Children of Krishna and the applicant, and grants are disbursed, as funds become available.

 Please Sign and Date: ___

 Thank you in advance,

 Your CKI team.

 Children of Krishna, Inc. General Grant Application page 1

 Instructions: Print, sign, & date this title page (containing items I. & II.). Provide the remaining requested information on separate sheets; computer printing preferred, typed or neatly printed also acceptable. Please include all pertinent information and documentation.

I. Identification Information  [Personal, not Project] Spiritual Name _______ Legal Name ______ Please provide your mailing address below. ____City ____State/Zip ____ Home Phone ____-____-______

Work Phone ____-____-______

Fax        ____-____-______

E-mail ____

Marital Status S M D W Sex _____  SS # _______ - _____ - _______ DOB______

Driver License # ____    State _____  Expires __________

II.   Certification
I hereby confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, I have answered all questions from this application truthfully and without any omissions as enclosed. I understand that the omission of any answers or answers that differ from the facts may be grounds for my application to be delayed or denied. I understand that all grants and loans are at the ultimate discretion of the Children of Krishna, Inc. Board of Directors. I pledge that I will ensure all funds received from Children of Krishna are used solely for the purposes specified in this application, said purposes being in agreement with CKI's mission and goals, as required by the laws governing nonprofit corporations. Finally, I agree to provide necessary support-documentation letters, copies of all receipts, and, if applicable, quarterly project reports. Total Funds Requested ___ Use US currency) Signed _____  Date _____

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