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“I co-wrote, narrated and produced the now infamous poison CD... it is all false propaganda...”

     Narrator of "Poison CD"

Narrator of "Poison CD" declares hoax
By Jagannatha Dasa "Puripada"

CHAKRA (USA) - August 18, 1999: I was on the "inside" of the poison paranoia via Rochana and company since almost day one. I co-wrote, narrated and produced the now infamous poison CD, talked extensively with all the pro-poison big guns and subsequently carefully went through the poorly written book by Nityananda Prabhu and I can tell you it is all false propaganda spun out to try and feed the personal agendas of the principals. In short, his devotees or anyone else did NOT poison Srila Prabhupada and no one knows it better than the self-serving spin doctors behind this most unforgivable and evil lie.

On several occasions Rochana bragged to me about his contacts with a former producer of the Johnny Carson Show who was going to network with him to sell the story to Hollywood as a documentary for big money. Nityananda, on the other hand, is a confirmed junior varsity Vaishnava who curses his luck at not having risen high enough or fast enough to actually yield any real influence in ISKCON. The purity of these men's quest is not in discovering the truth about anything, but rather, using this self-created hot potato to try and push themselves forward as the leaders they were never meant, and are certainly not qualified to be.

As for me, I would like to publicly apologize to any of my god brothers and sisters whose minds and hearts were hurt by this fraud and declare that as a person at ground zero of this cruel hoax it is as empty and heartless as the black hearts who knowingly invented it.

Yours in Krsna Seva, Jagannatha Dasa
SRI/The Spiritual Realization Institute

© CHAKRA 18-Aug-99

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