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“My first comment is that Ravi Krishna dasa could not have written the report, as he is illiterate in English and did not even know the actual content of his report.”









“Based on my report it is clear that the so-called Ravi Krsna dasa's report overly exaggerated the incident so as to discredit HH Jayapataka Swami and ISKCON as a whole.”

VNN Report about incident in Malasia exaggerated
By Bhakta Siva

CHAKRA (Taiping, Malasia) -

By Bhakta Siva Taiping. 4/8/99

This report by me is to clarify the VNN report by Ravi Krsna dasa as regards to the incident involving Radha Prananatha dasa and Raja Krsna dasa recently at Taiping, Malaysia. Since I was present at the time and place of the incident, I wish to report the incident as accurately as I can remember.

My first comment is that Ravi Krishna dasa could not have written the report, as he is illiterate in English and did not even know the actual content of his report. This clearly shows that a third party using Ravi Krsna’s name wrote the report. It is full of exaggeration.

Ravi Krsna dasa has a history of problems with the local ISKCON management here in Taiping. Being disgruntled, frequently acts against ISKCON Malaysia. Radha Prananatha dasa is claiming to be the local IRG leader and at the same time he blasphemes guru(s) and ISKCON.

On the evening of July 23, my uncle Raja Krsna Dasa, my younger brother Suresh, my cousin Guna and I went to Ravi Krsna Dasa's house which is located about 15 meters from our house to talk to my younger brother, Vasudevan who had joined Radha Prananatha as a full time brahmacari a year ago. Contradictory to Ravi Krsna's report, Vasudevan absconded from his house to join Radha Prananatha at the BM center as a full time volunteer. My brother was just 17 years old at the time he quit school due to being influenced by Radha Pran and his brahmacaris. Radha Pran never had any approval from Vasudevan's parents for recruiting him as a bramachari. Neither did Vasudevan get permission from his parents. Therefore, Ravi Krsna's report is a lie.

Our intention in going to Ravi Krsna's home was to request Vasudevan to visit his mother. She wanted very much to talk to him about the condition of our father who had just a week ago undergone a heart operation in Kuala Lumpur. The time of visiting Ravi Krsna's home was after my uncle Raja Krsna dasa and my younger brother, Suresh had just returned from work. As for myself, I had just returned from Kuala Lumpur after visiting my father in the hospital. None of us were wearing heavy boots as reported by Ravi Krsna. All of us were wearing rubber shoes.

None of our family members including my mother could speak to my brother Vasudevan as Radha Prananatha dasa and his bramacaris very cleverly kept Vasudevan away from any contact with my family members. Radha Prananatha dasa feared that Vasudevan might leave him once he learned of the actual situation.

When we approached Ravi Krsna's house, Raja Krsna prabhu proceeded to request Vasudevan to visit his mother, as she wanted to inform him of his father's condition. Radha Prananatha dasa and his brahmacaris immediately came in between and began to interfere with the conversation. Naturally, discussions and arguments on Ritvik and gurus took place, and they committed many aparadhas (offenses). At this juncture, my uncle Raja Krsna dasa corrected the bad manners of Radha Prananatha dasa who had called Dr. Krishnan, the Vice President of Taiping ISKCON, "a foolish doctor" on the same afternoon at his clinic. Radha Prananatha dasa called him this after Dr. Krishnan refused to listen and accept the ritvik philosophy as preached by Radha Prananatha dasa. Radha Prananatha dasa also scolded Dr. Krishnan's wife Vijaya Kamala devi dasi when she tried to clarify some points of discussion. Radha Prananatha dasa had also used many bad and derogatory remarks about HH Jayapataka Swami.

Radha Prananatha dasa and Raja Krsna dasa then engaged in heated arguments. Raja prabhu got very angry when Radha Prananatha dasa repeatedly used bad, vulgar and offensive language about HH Jayapataka Swami. Radha Prananatha dasa had gone too far. How could a disciple tolerate such offences and lies against his guru? To stop further blasphemy and bad mouthing Radha Prananatha dasa was slapped once, punched once and kicked once by Raja Krsna prabhu. Only Raja prabhu had physical contact on Radha Prananatha. None of his other family members, nor any other disciples of HH Jayapataka Swami were around to beat Radha Prananatha and his brahmacaris. Radha Prananatha dasa had with him 4 bramcharies. This whole incident happened in the compound in front of Ravi Prabhu's house and not inside Ravi's house as claimed by Ravi.

Other family members restrained Raja Prabhu. Raja Prabhu and Radha Prananatha dasa again continued with heated arguments. Shortly Raja prabhu and his family members left. They did not flee as reported by Ravi Krsna dasa. Raja Krsna dasa requested Vasudevan to visit his mother at home and told Radha Prananatha dasa not to stop Vasudevan, otherwise he will smash his van. The boy took advice of Raja Krishna prabhu and went back home. Not forcibly as claimed in Ravi's report.

The whole incident was blown out of proportion. Radha Prananatha dasa was not at all physically hurt as claimed in the report. He had not broken or fractured his hand to my knowledge as I personally saw him moving without any difficulty after the incident. One slap, a punch and a kick by Raja Krsna prabhu who stands about 5 feet and weighs about 60 kg will definitely not cause any fracture. I am convinced that everything was exaggerated as much as possible to gain sympathy and publicity.

After that Raja Krsna's mother and Vasudevan's mother came and chastised Radha Prananatha dasa and his brahmacaris for influencing Vasudevan. Raja Krsna prabhu then asked the matajis to go back home.

Two policemen came to my house shortly after and said that Radha Prananatha dasa had made a complaint. They requested to talk to my brother Vasudevan. The policemen inquired from my brother Vasudevan, if anybody had beaten him since the complaint by Radha Prananatha dasa was that Raja Krsna and the other family members had beaten up Vasudevan. My brother replied to the surprise of the policemen, that nobody had beaten him.

The policemen then asked my brother if Raja Krsna and his family members had forcibly taken him to their house. When they heard from Vasudevan that he was in his own house, the policemen were again quite surprised about the nature of the complaint. On inquiry by the policemen, Raja Krsna replied that there were some heated argument regarding some family and personal matters.

We told the policemen that Radha Prananatha and his brahmacaris were causing disturbances and speaking badly about ISKCON devotees and gurus. We even told them that they are not following the ISKCON authority and working separately from the interest of the society.

The policemen then took the name and particulars of Raja Krsna and said that he may need to come to police station if necessary. Again Raja Krishna dasa said that it was mainly a family matter. The police left after that. Yuwaraj, Chairman of the Taiping Branch, and his brother Suresh, who had come during the same time as the police, spoke to my brother Vasudevan. All of us explained the real situation and what kind of great offence Radha Prananatha dasa is committing and to what extent Radha Prananatha dasa is using the brahmacaris and Vasudevan for his personal agenda.

It seemed that after that, the boy realized the situation and wanted to visit his father in Kuala Lumpur. Vasudevan is still staying with his father and taking care of him. He seems to have realized that he was used by Radha Prananatha dasa. We have, to a certain extent, made him understand that the Ritvik philosophy is a deviation.

Based on my report it is clear that the so-called Ravi Krsna dasa's report overly exaggerated the incident so as to discredit HH Jayapataka Swami and ISKCON as a whole.

Hare Krsna.

Your servant, Bhakta Siva

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