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Challenge to Adridharana about Ritvik Debate Votes
by Ajamila dasa

Dear Adri,

The votes as they stand now are 1,917 for ISKCON and 1,340 for the concocted ritvikism.

The ISKCON votes against the offensive concocted ritvikism are nearly all verifiable with names of real devotees and their living locations. I have compiled a database with all this verifiable information, a glimpse of which is shown on CHAKRA. These ISKCON verifiable votes are all real.

My hunch is that just as you faked a 'final order' you may also be faking votes. 1,340 votes from ritviks does not match up with the known meagre worldwide ritvik following. For example, from your ritvik headquarters in Alachua you could only muster up 10 votes. Here in England you have a handful at the most. You have practically none in all of Africa, you have only one or two nutters in Australia, a few scattered here and there in USA, you have some in Calcutta, you have 50 or so ritviks brow beaten by Madhu Pandit in Bangalore, which means worldwide you have a few hundred ritviks at the very most. So where did the other 1,000 votes come from?

Given that a nutter Ritvik hacked my COM address and sent out bogus offensive e-mails in my name, a Ritvik hacking up unverified votes cannot be ruled out. In the aftermath this will increase your ill-reputation even further.

My challenge to you therefore is to verify your 1,340 votes by telling your voters to send one little simple e-mail to


with their name, location, and contact info so that they could be contacted for verification of a real vote.

If you choose not to verify your votes then I for one will conclude and broadcast that your votes are fakes because I found out that if I wanted to I could go internet cafe crawling here in England and clock up a 1,000 votes from different computers at cost of just a few hundred pounds and a few days work. This possibility is there on both sides, that is the defect in this voting process by computer.

But verifiable votes with traceable names and location and contact info transcends all the computer defects.

The deadline for voting is 7 August 12 midnight USA time.

So match your votes with verification as ISKCON has done or face another charge of trying to 'fake it until you make it'.

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