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Chakras: Special Offer For Aug–Sept
By Sarvabhavana dasa

Chakras: Special Offer For Aug–Sept

Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

After placing an ad on oldchakra.com and VNN, I received many letters from devotees who were glorifying the Chakra and giving me different suggestions about it. I thank all the devotees who have bought them and I would like to share some of their comments:

1. Dear Sarvabhavana Prabhu,

Thank you for sending the Chakra. The Chakra is very beautiful, and yesterday on Sunday we presented the Chakra to the congregation. I had it mounted on a velvet-covered board and displayed on an easel. There was a colored drawing of the proposed new temple (with the Chakra on the srikara) hanging beneath it. I announced to everyone that Sudarshana has come (practically on His own), and now He is eager to take his place above Sri-Sri Radha-Sarad-Bhihari. Everyone now has to fulfill His desire. Thank you for your help. I hope this finds you in good health.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Ravindra Svarupa Dasa

Divine Protection Is Now Yours
By Sarvabhavana dasa

Divine Protection Is Now Yours

One of the world's most advanced technologies has been used to make the most powerful weapon in the universe, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra!

This auspicious and beautifully rendered symbol offers powerful protection for all devotees of the Lord. Crafted from solid metal, it can guard the top of your altar, stand proudly on the roof of your house, or decorate a door, wall, child's room, or your car.

The Chakra, or disc, is a divine weapon and personal associate of Lord Vishnu, Who engages this worshipable servant to protect surrendered souls. In Srimad-Bhagavatam (6.8.23) the great sage Visvarupa described it to Lord Indra:

Booking Rooms in Vrindavan or Haridwar, India
By Swami Govinda Nand ji Maharaj

The Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram on Parikrama Marg is located at very near to the Krishna Balaram ISKCON temple in Vrindavan, India. The Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram is situated in a pollution free area with complete staying facilities with a neat, clean and peaceful atmosphere. There are 25 rooms available, including a large hall. Four types of rooms are available at nominal maintenance charges.

Visit Uttaranchal (Advertisement)
By Harsh Munjhal

We feel privileged in introducing ourselves as the leading Tour Operator, hotelier, transporter and tourist service provider in the state of UTTARANCHAL This new state, as we all know, is situated in the lap of the great Himalayas - famous for Chaar Dhaam /Do Dhaam Yatra- Yamunotri, Gangotri, Shree Kedarnathji, Shree Badrinathji...

New Low Price for ISKCON Interactive DVD - $49.95

For the ones who could not afford it before - new amazing price $49.95 (was $189.95) for the ISKCON Interactive DVD (while supplies last)! The DVD's whopping 22 hours of viewing is fully narrated and comprised of 200 QuickTime movies hours, 400 Mb of music and other sound tracks, and thousands of pictures. This incredible resource will take days to pour over if you read the numerous documents.

Ratha-Yatra 2001 in Los A


With much thanks and appreciation, CHAKRA is sponsored and hosted by:

We are happy to inform you of the forthcoming 25th Annual Ratha-Yatra 2001 at Venice Beach, California on August 5, 2001, Sunday.

© CHAKRA 10 June 2001

By Bhaktivedanta Archives

www.Prabhupada.com has been completely revised, and updated.

© CHAKRA 09 June 2001

Official Launch of www.BlueMonsoonMusic.com!
By Uttamasloka Dasa

We are pleased to announce the launching of our website...


Blue Monsoon Music is a record company dedicated to producing high quality spiritually oriented music for the general public.

© CHAKRA 08 June 2001

2001 Festival of Chariots
By Ramabhadra Dasa

New York ISKCON cordially invites all devotees and friends to join us for an ecstatic week of hearing, chanting, feasting and sadhu-sanga to celebrate the annual Ratha-Yatra celebration and Festival of India in New York City.

© CHAKRA 05 June 2001

Want to Stay In Mayapur
By Hari-sauri Dasa

Hari-sauri dasa and Sitala dasi have a 2-bedroom fully furnished apartment available for rental in ISKCON Mayapur-dham at a reasonable rate.

© CHAKRA 03 June 2001

Pujaris and Cook Wanted in Almvik, Sweden
By Sriprada Devi Dasi

In within a few months our present pujaris and a cook will be leaving Almvik to their new services and we are searching for devotees who would be interested in taking their present services here.

© CHAKRA 02 June 2001

Ornate Krishna Temple to Open Saturday June 23
By Vaibhavi Dasi

After ten years of planning and three years of construction, the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork will celebrate its opening with a gala festival Saturday June 23.

© CHAKRA 26 May 2001

New Interactive ISKCON Website
By Bhakta Edward Pattillo

I would like to invite everyone to visit a new website www.harekrishna.asn.au. The site was put together with hopes that it would be used for preaching purposes. (i.e.- put on temple flyers, given to purchasers of Srila Prabhupada's books on sankirtan, posted at Food For Life restaurants, etc..)

© CHAKRA 25 May 2001

Fourth Annual Hilo 'Rathayatra' August 3, 2001
By Jagaddhatri Devi Dasi

Attention all devotees that may want to participate in the Mercy of Lord Jagannatha...! Every year the town of Hilo has a parade called Festival of the Pacific...I had always dreamed of plugging in and turning it into a Jagannatha Rathyatra, and in 1997 His Holiness KrsnaBalarama Swami got the first one going and we have been doing the Parade ever since.

© CHAKRA 25 May 2001

Video Response to Turley Lawsuit
By Nrsimhananda Dasa

In 2000, a lawsuit was filed against numerous ISKCON temples, organizations, and individuals by the Turley law firm alleging rampant abuse of children in the ISKCON gurukulas.

© CHAKRA 14 May 2001

The HKY - Future Preachers
By Vishwambhara Dasa

The Hare Krishna Youth (HKY) are a group of Vaishnava youth, gurukulis, and other young devotees who are trying to fulfill the wishes of our spiritual father, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

© CHAKRA 14 May 2001

Spoken Samskrita Seminars Begin At Kiev
By Basu Ghosh Dasa

A 3-month tour of Europe and the United States to promote spoken Samskrita in ISKCON.

The aim of the seminars is to help devotees and friends of ISKCON to develop, in the shortest amount of time, a working knowledge of this most beautiful language of the Vedas.

© CHAKRA 14 May 2001

ISKCON Poland's Premier Preaching Program Invites International Participants
By Vara-nayaka Dasa

Indradyumna Swami, the head of the Polish Festival tour, expects between 2000 and 10,000 people to attend Hare Krishna festivals six nights a week during a four-month tour starting May 26.

© CHAKRA 14 May 2001

Hare Krishna Convention 2001 Malaysia
By Simhesvara dasa

The 4th Annual Hare Krishna convention this year will be specially dedicated for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada in commemorating the 30th Appearance Anniversary of Srila Prabhupada in Malaysia.

© CHAKRA 09 May 2001

Animal Rights 2001 Conference
By Food for Life Online Newsletter

For anyone interested in attending the Animal Rights 2001 conference, please note that the registration fee goes up from the current $140 to $160 on May 15, just two weeks from now. Remember also to reserve your hotel room by May 31. With 500 registrations on board, we are well on our way to a sell-out.

© CHAKRA 07 May 2001

Krishna Leela Dance Ballet

Jayanthi Raman's Natya Dance School, Portland presents 'Krishna Leela' Classical Temple Dance Ballet of India Benefit performance for the Seva Chakra Children’s Orphanage, India

© CHAKRA 07 May 2001

Alachua Community On Line
By Nikunjavasini Dasi

The Alachua Community of devotees would like to announce a new website at www.iskcon.net/fnb. It is the website created by Krishna Community Fund for it's quarterly newsletter Friends and Bhaktas. It is Friends and Bhaktas on line.

© CHAKRA 04 May 2001

Mandala Work Opportunities
By ND Koster

Mandala Publishing, a San Rafael, Ca. based independent publisher of art, cultural and spiritual work, is currently seeking a sales and marketing director to promote our exciting new line of books, gifts and incense.

© CHAKRA 02 May 2001

Vedic Marriage Site Relaunch
By Sudama Dasa

By popular demand the VedicMarriage.com website has been redesigned and is ready for devotees to use. The purpose of this website is for devotees to find a suitable wife or husband for Krishna conscious grhastha life.

© CHAKRA 29 April 2001

You've Never Experienced Bhagavad-gita Like This Before!
By 16rounds.com

New Interactive Bhagavad-gita As It Is CD-ROM turns your computer into the Battlefield of Kuruksetra. Its superb graphics, video, and sound will absolutely amaze you and open a view of Bhagavad-gita you've never seen before! Order your copy today at http://www.gitacd.com, or call our toll free number at 1-800-397-8945.

© CHAKRA 27 April 2001

New Mailing List for Achintya Bedha Abedha Vedanta
By HariKrishna Susarla

It is our pleasure to announce the formation of a new mailing list: "achintya." (achintya@yahoogroups.com)

The Achintya Bedha Abedha Tattva list is a moderated forum created in 1998 to promote discussions on the philosophy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

© CHAKRA 18 April 2001

Warrior Prince
By Nrsimhananda Dasa

We have received many inquiries regarding the availability of the "Animated Ramayana," or, correctly titled, "The Warrior Prince" movie/video. As reported last year on CHAKRA, the producer, Yugo Sako, explicitly demanded that no pirated copies be circulated anywhere, and, specifically, in the ISKCON organization.

© CHAKRA 15 April 2001

16rounds.com: Your Online Spiritual Superstore
By 16rounds.com

What do you get when you stack the best of second generation devotees' brightest enthusiasts against an incredibly supple internet engine backed by interactive communication and topped with five-star service? You get nothing less than www.16rounds.com, a new online spiritual superstore splashing into cyberspace at the dawn of the new millennium (January 2001) amidst awesome waves of raves:

© CHAKRA 15 April 2001

Mega Event: Mangalananda Concert in Germany
By Prthu Dasa Adhikary

Mangalananda Prabhu, the producer of various ISKCON records in the 70s such as "Change of Heart" and "Nature's Secret" will perform two concerts during the Nrisimha Caturdasi festival on the German Farm.

© CHAKRA 14 April 2001

New Panihata Festival in Atlanta
By Festival Organisers

It's time for New Panihati's Annual 3-day Festival and everyone is invited to come and help us celebrate this exciting event. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our temple president, Balabhadra dasa prabhu, at (404) 377-8680 or Jaya Govardhana dasa prabhu at (678-516-7067).

© CHAKRA 14 April 2001

The Bharatanatyam Dance Performance!
By Srivani Dasi

Srivani dasi - International, European dancer of Bharatanatyam. Graduate from Natyakalalayam Dance and Theatre Company in Chicago. Winner of variety awards and acknowledgments for her dance, including 1sth place at the International Contest of Dance in Paris.

© CHAKRA 8 April 2001

Help Needed to Support Vedicmarriage.com
By Vijay Dasa

I think most of you know about the site www.vedicmarriage.com, but we have had some problems with it so it hasn't been consistently "up".

© CHAKRA 7April 2001

Mahabharata is Coming!
By Vedic Theatre Company

The Vedic Theatre Company is proud to announce the premiere of "Mahabharata" summer-fall 2001. For more information kindly visit our website at:


© CHAKRA 6 April 2001

A New Vedic Online Resource
By Bhakta Jan

I'm pleased to announce the manifestation of www.veda.harekrsna.cz - a new Vedic online resource. It is a joint effort of my friend bh. Jirka, Vaishampayana P. and myself. The original idea to make this resource (to be included in www.iskcon.org) came from my good friend Varnadi P. Its original form and design you can see at www.iskcon.net/varnadi

© CHAKRA 6 April 2001

All Plans for Material Happiness Will Fail!
By Krishna Soft

Welcome to the Krishna Soft's Electronic Newsletter. This is the March 2001 issue entitled: "All Plans for Material Happiness Will Fail!" WEB: http://www.krishnasoft.com; EMAIL: krishna@krishnasoft.com or vdayal@castle.net

This newsletter goes to over 1100 people who either have an interest in Vedic science and/or spiritually entertaining multimedia technology.

© CHAKRA 6 April 2001

Thousand Page Spiritual India Web Site
By Jada Bharata Dasa

Spiritual Guides Publishing has just released an extremely detailed 1,000 page Web Site (www.spiritualguides.net) that contains the entire text of the India, A Practical Guide book. This site contains a detailed description of the holy places, temples and India's spiritual side.

  © CHAKRA 3 April 2001

The German Devotees Need Your Recipes!
By Madhusudani Radha Devi Dasi

Large numbers of people all over Europe are turning away from meat and embracing vegetarianism, partly due to fears related to BSE and "Foot-and-Mouth" Disease. The "Sankirtan-Allianz" in Germany wants to help them by producing a new cookbook together with the European BBT.

© CHAKRA 19 March 2001

CHAKRA Webmaster Needed
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - March 10, 2001: CHAKRA is looking for your help. Would you like to be a webmaster of one of the most popular Krishna Conscious websites on the Internet with thousands of readers per day?

© CHAKRA 12 March 2001

By Caru Dasa

The Krishna temple in Spanish Fork invites all members of the public to celebrate the festival of Holi on Sunday, March 11th, from 4 pm. The festival will be observed with storytelling, musical interludes, the building of a bonfire, and the throwing of dry colors on friends and foe alike.

© CHAKRA 7 March 2001

Sadaputa Presents New CD
By Dravinaksa Dasa

Sadaputa Prabhu gave a large screen presentation of his new CD "Mysteries of the Sacred Universe" at the Radha Syamasundar Mandhir in Alachua, Florida on March 1.

© CHAKRA 4 March 2001

Typists Thirsty for Nectar
By Nectar Books

Wanted: Thirsty typists to transcribe nectarean interviews for a large exclusive Biography of Jayananda Dasa, America's First Hare Krishna Saint.

© CHAKRA 4 March 2001

Urmila Devi Dasi Offers Training for ISKCON Educators in India
By Janmastami Dasa

Urmila devi dasi, one of ISKCON's most experienced primary and secondary school teachers, will be traveling to India this month to train ISKCON teachers and administrators in Mayapur, Vrndavan, and Mumbai.

© CHAKRA 4 March 2001

Wedding Invitation
By Riddha Dasa

Wedding Invitation

Pranamas to All Devotees

Riddha Dasa and Syamasundari Devi Dasi

Humbly requests the presence of all Devotees who can attend on this auspicious occasion of their first daughters Vedic Wedding Celebrations

© CHAKRA 2 March 2001

Looking For Service
By Radha Govinda Dasa

Indian grhastha couple from Chandigarh (Radha Govinda dasa, age 40; Laksmipriya dasi, age 32) are seeking service in any temple in the US or in Canada. Coming from Brahmin caste families, their parents have been initiated into the Gaudiya Vaishnava line of Srila Prabhupada, and they have also accepted initiation as well.

© CHAKRA 27 February 2001

Durban Ratha Yatra Invitation
By Ratha Yatra Committee

The annual Durban, South Africa Ratha-yatra (Festival of Chariots) will be held over the Easter weekend (Friday, 13th to Monday, 16th April 2001). Over 200 000 people are expected to attend and as many plates of free Krishna prasadam shall be distributed.

© CHAKRA 25 February 2001

Ramanujacaraya: The Movie
By Nrsimhananda Dasa

The life of Ramanujacaraya has been recreated in a dramatic film produced in South India by the same team that made Madhavacarya, Sankaracarya, and other beautifully produced religious movies.

© CHAKRA 25 February 2001

New Hare Krishna Radio Show!
By Bhakta Jerry

Hari Bol to all. I would like to inform all the devotees all over the world that I am starting a new radio show dedicated to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as part of my Sublime Sounds of South Asia program.

  © CHAKRA 25 February 2001

Home For Sale Near Badger, CA
By Sujana Dasi

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are selling our home near Badger, CA, and would like to see it go to devotees, if possible, since this is a community where lots of devotees already live.

© CHAKRA 20 February 2001

Spoken Samskritam Seminars
By Basu Ghosh Dasa

We are going to be conducting a "spoken samskritam" "world tour" in a few months time.
If anyone else would like to have a 10 day spoken samskrita camp/seminar at their place, please contact me at Basu.Ghosh.acbsp@pamho.net 

© CHAKRA 11 February 2001

First Editions of Srila Prabhupada's Books
By Jitendriya Dasa

I started my movement with my books. And we shall be able to maintain everything with the sales of the books. The temples will be maintained by the book sales, and if there are no more temples, then the books shall remain." ....Letter from Srila Prabhupada to Hansadutta 8 Nov, 1973.

© CHAKRA 03 February 2001

The Vedic Theatre Company
By Bhakta Vaikuntha Dasa

The Vedic Theatre Company has now been formed. We are the only theatre company in the United States of it's kind. We bring the ancient Vedic classics of India to life!
The Vedic Theatre Company has now been formed. We are the only theatre company in the United States of it's kind. We bring the ancient Vedic classics of India to life!
The Vedic Theatre Company has now been formed. We are the only theatre company in the United States of it's kind. We bring the ancient Vedic classics of India to life!

© CHAKRA 30 January 2001

Mysteries of the Sacred Universe - An Exciting New Book by Sadaputa Dasa
By Chris Beetle (Krishna-kripa Dasa)

I am writing you to let you know of the new publication, Mysteries of the Sacred Universe, the latest book by Richard L. Thompson (Sadaputa Dasa), author of many books of science and India's ancient wisdom.

Discover evidence for advanced science in ancient texts of India!

See surprising similarities in cosmologies of ancient cultures of the world!

© CHAKRA 30 January 2001

Safe Arrival in Mayapur?
By Ganadhiraja Dasa

© CHAKRA 30 January 2001

Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!

Here is no ordinary DVD. Not only does the nature of its subject set the ISKCON Interactive apart, but the specially designed mouse-linked structure avails you to an unprecedented array of unique features. The DVD's whopping 22 hours of viewing is fully narrated and comprised of 200 QuickTime movies hours, 400 Mb of music and other sound tracks, and thousands of pictures. This incredible resource will take days to pour over if you read the numerous documents.

© CHAKRA 27-January-2001

Need a Lift to Mayapur?
By Ganadhiraja Dasa

  • Are you worried about your save arrival in Mayapur?
  • Tired of lousy drivers and dirty, old Ambassadors?

Try our brand new 24-hour Taxi service in Mayapur.

© CHAKRA 13-January-2000

Absolute Truth Press
By Christoffer Leka

Absolute Truth Press is a collective of creative individuals who have dedicated their talents to a pursuance of transcendence.

As a guiding principle Absolute Truth Press respects all genuine forms of spirituality regardless of the tradition it springs from, but emphasizes first and foremost the teachings of Vaishnavism.

© CHAKRA 6-January-2000

Music that Purifies and Harmonize
By Radharadya das 

I am very happy to present you our new CD: Harmony of Space - the Vastu-CD. If you want to listen to it or know more about it visit our CD webpage: www.yantra108.de Special highlights: Sudarshana Gayatri, Narashimhadeva Maha-Mantra und Dashavatara Stotra.

© CHAKRA 12-December-2000

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