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Sorry, It Was 1988
More between Ravindra Svarupa dasa 
and "a Kuli"

Dear "a Kuli,"

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

In a letter sent out to various receivers you stated

Jan 1985 a mother reported to Ravindra, Satsvarupa, and Jagadish that two Gurus were abusing the boys in Vrindavan. Ravindra and Jagadish pass a resolution Feb 1985 the GBC will excommunicate anyone who goes to the police courts, etc., with ISKCON problems. (email me for a copy of the letter)

Thus you allege that I was involved with others in a conspiracy to protect child molesters.

Now you have corrected the mistaken date and provided me with some of the data.

Thank you. Now I have been able to understand what you are referring to, and I have also been able to look up matters in records available to me. I believe I can show you that what you have claimed is mistaken, a product of limited or selective evidence together with some bad logic.

Response to "a Kuli"
By Ravindra Svarupa dasa

An anonymous letter ("a Kuli") was sent to me, containing several allegations. My responses are inserted below:

> It is not a question of how the money is spent.
> Why are the men who knew the abuse was going on still in the position of
> Guru and GBC?

> They saw it day by day, they had it happen in the Temple while they were
> in the next room. It happened to their own children and did nothing.

> The office of child abuse has been instructed to not go after these men or
> they will lose all the funds.

The office of child abuse has not been instructed to not go after anyone. I’ve checked this story out before, and found it not true. If there is any reliable testimony to the contrary, let me know, and I will follow up on it.

The Washington Post on Bankruptcy Filing

Krishna Temples Plan Bankruptcy Filing Over Abuse Suit
By Alan Cooperman

[reprinted from the Washington Post. To view the entire article, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/

About 12 of the nearly 50 Hare Krishna temples in the United States will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this month because of a $400 million lawsuit over child abuse at Hare Krishna boarding schools, a spokesman for the movement said yesterday.

The plaintiffs are 91 former students from around the world who allege that they were sexually, physically and emotionally abused at the boarding schools in Southern California, West Virginia and the state of Washington during the 1970s and '80s. All the schools have since shut down.

BBC Radio Spot on Bankruptcy
from Bhakta Neal

Hari bol!

Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

The following link is an eight-minute BBC radio news spot regarding the bankruptcy decision of the North American Hare Krishna Temples.


They interview Raghunatha Anudasa (a gurukula veteran), Anuttama Dasa (ISKCON Communications director), Nori Muster (author of Betrayal of the Spirit), Dr. Burke Rochford (a professor who studied the gurukula), and Kripamoya Dasa (a devotee in England).

Hare Krsna!

Yours in service,
Bhakta Neal
[Complete on this page]

Krishna Temples Seek 
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Reorganization Facilitates Fund for Abused Children

Thanks and appreciation from oldchakra.com to our sponsor and host,

Washington, D.C.—At least a dozen temples, related entities and individuals affiliated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), better known as the Hare Krishna Movement, will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection later this month.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy focuses on reorganization rather than liquidation of religious assets. It is being filed to deal with claimants including a $400 million dollar lawsuit against Krishna temples. That suit, first filed in Federal Court in June 2000, alleges children were abused at the religious society’s boarding schools in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Krishnas prevailed when the suit was dismissed in September 2001, but a similar $400 million suit was later filed in Texas State Court.

The lawsuit, ISKCON leaders say, seeks far more money than the financial value of all the Krishna temples in North America. In essence, the suit threatens to shut down an entire religion.

Annual Report of the 
Association for the Protection of 
Vaisnava Children for 2001

In 1997 the GBC formed the ISKCON Child Protection Task Force. This committee produced the ISKCON Child Protection Task Force Report and submitted it to the GBC in 1998. At the annual GBC meetings in 1998 the GBC ratified this report, which proposed the establishment of a central office of child protection to coordinate the child protection activities of the movement. On April 1, 1998, the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (aka the Association for the Protection of Vaisnava Children) began functioning. The Task Force Report mandates the Association for the Protection of Vaisnava Children (APVC) to conduct activities in several child protection areas, and this report describes the activities of the office in its various capacities.

Dropping the Lawsuit
by Laksmana

To all of the Vaishnavas, past present, and future, far and near, all dear within my heart as you are most dear to my Lord.

Thank you for your sincere devotion to Krishna all these years, and please accept my humble obeisances and apologies for being so veiled by ignorance and misjudging the situation due to getting triggered by almost inhuman amounts of pain as a child and up until the last few months, really. I hope you can all forgive me as I am just now remembering my deep love for Their Lordships Srimati Radhika and Sri Sri Krsna, and I know now that all good is possible and will reign on earth as long as we keep faith.

The lawsuit against ISKCON is still going on—it is just in state court now, but I am dropping my participation and praying that others’ eyes and hearts will open as mine have. Please forgive me, as we are all one, trying to remember our original position of devotion within Krsna’s lotus heart. May ISKCON’s true heart shine pure and bright with this shiny new year.

Please Help Us Understand
by Nrsimhananda dasa

ITV was named as a defendent in the Turley case. In light of the dismissal, now we have an opportunity to request your help in trying to understand how we might have aided and abetted any child abuse. We have not been able to get any answers in this regard, and we want to understand why we were included in this case as a defendant.

The Case Is Over—
The Karma Is Not

By Gupta Das

For years, innumerable devotees have expressed the view that the "real" ISKCON is actually the totality of Srila Prabhupada followers — not just the official institution. Now is the time for that ISKCON — that is, for all Srila Prabhupada followers — to reach out, to listen, and to connect with those who were abused.

$400 Million Suit against 
Hare Krishna Dismissed

from ISKCON Communications

Dallas, Texas—The Honorable Sam A. Lindsay, Judge of the United States District Court in Dallas, in a decision filed September 28, has permanently dismissed a lawsuit seeking $400 million dollars in damages from several dozen temples, entities and individuals affiliated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), better known as the Hare Krishna movement, a monotheistic Vaishnava denomination within the Hindu tradition....

Child Protection Training Seminar
By Malini Dasi and Dhira Govinda Dasa

From September 24 to September 27, 2001, the ISKCON Child Protection Office (ICOCP), also known as the Association for the Protection of Vaisnava Children (APVC) will be conducting an intensive training in child protection in Alachua (FL).

© CHAKRA 08 June 2001

Comment on Don't Place the Blame on Others
By Maitreya Christian

Thank you for speaking out in such a straight forward manner. I can only add double dittos.

© CHAKRA 05 June 2001

Don't Place the Blame on Others
By Saradiya Dasi

"When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it." (Instructions for Life) This quote was given in one of my university classes recently. It can be applied under any circumstance. I am using it to convey a serious mistake I've made and I feel ISKCON as a whole has made, and any person who considers themselves a disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

© CHAKRA 25 May 2001

Prabhupada Pure and Blameless
By Vrin Parker

Recent reports about abuse in the Hare Krishna schools are historically inaccurate. When these accusers try to blame the founder, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, they are actually engaging in criminal misconduct. If he were still with us, physically, he could successfully sue these accusers for slander.

© CHAKRA 14 April 2001

Sai Baba Allegations
By Barry Pittard

Other Sai Baba articles:
UNESCO Withdraws
Divine Downfall 
Barry Pittard: Allegations

I am a former English Lecturer in Sathya Sai Baba's vast educational establishment, where I taught at his Whitefield College in 1978-79, via Bangalore, in south India. The Cover Story in "India Today" (24-11-200) has brought news of the most terrible allegations. So too have other newspaper stories such as the Melbourne "Age" (Australia) and the "Daily Telegraph" (U.K.) in recent weeks. They have brought still more fame to Sai Baba. Perhaps it is only a vast international effort that will ensure that the allegations are properly investigated. Last September 15, there were also the joint Media Releases of UNESCO and Flinders University (Australia) stating their very serious reason for withdrawal from and educational Conference at Puttaparthi last September.

© CHAKRA 26-December-2000

Response to Raghunatha Anudasa from 20/20 Producer
By Michael Pressman
Producer, ABC News 20/20

As you may imagine, it's quite a challenge to tell a complex story that spanned many years in a 15 minute report. I can only begin to understand the difficulties you and your friends faced as children of Hare Krishna. By no means did we believe that there weren't positive things going on at the time. but the story had a particular focus and we kept within that framework. I am confident, however, that the details we reported were fair and accurate.

© CHAKRA 16-December-2000

20/20 Condemned Our Childhoods to "Shame"
By Raghunatha Anudasa

From Raghunatha Anudasa to Michael.pressman@abc.com  

Introducing us with your opening title as the “Childhood of Shame” was to dismiss the 15 to 20 years of our entire childhood as nothing more then shameful. You may as well have been talking of criminals and druggies. This reasserts the very negatives that hundreds of us have spent decades struggling to overcome by tediously building upon the positives offered in our childhoods of travel, cultural exposure, religious experience, philosophical insight and extraordinary friendships. This is not done because of some religious fervor, but more out of our carefully honed survival skills. We have learned to take our seeming disadvantages and transform them for maximum advantage as young men and women of vast life experience: “ISKCON Youth Veterans.” Most of us consider this to be “our story,” a story that your show missed entirely.

© CHAKRA 14-December-2000

Open Letter to GBCs: Give It All to the Gurukula Graduates
By Aravinda dasa

As a cloud of darkness and shame descends upon our once luminous and vibrant society, most of us, the original initiates of his Divine Grace, contemplate the grave errors that we have collectively and individually made which have led us to this seemingly irredeemable condition. I am suggesting is that all top management positions, including GBC members, BBT and property trustees, Back to Godhead and Hare Krishna World editors and the positions of headmaster, temple president and treasurer be filled by Gurukula graduates. Srila Prabhupada said that they would be "The future leaders of mankind.” It is time that they become the present leaders of ISKCON.

© CHAKRA 09-December-2000

Regarding Omniscience
By Antardwip das

We can choose between accepting that we do not understand what tri-kala-jna really is, or that Srila Prabhupada really didn’t know past, present and future. Know that Srila Prabhupada wasn’t a monster who knew of evil and did nothing as some misled people are claiming. Know also that we, his followers, would never have served someone who allowed child abuse.

© CHAKRA 09-December-2000

Childhood of Shame
An Interview with ex-Gurukulis and ABC News

JOHN QUINONES, ABC NEWS: Good evening. I'm glad you could make it DOWNTOWN. You're familiar with Hare Krishnas, you see them on streets like these across the country. Throngs of orange robed young people, chanting. You may find them intriguing, mysterious. Some call them annoying. Above all, it seems they're harmless. Well, their peaceful image is now being shattered. There are astounding allegations being made by some of the thousands of children raised in Hare Krishnas schools over two decades. When we come back, I'll have a story of stolen childhood and the victims who have found the courage to speak out.

© ABC News 03-December-2000

Response to "Awareness Beyond the Restrictions of Matter"
By Yudhisthira dasa

Dear Atul Krishna Prabhu,

You have made a very nice presentation, from scripture, conversations, etc. to make an argument for Srila Prabhupada's perfection and, by extension, omniscience. That is all very well. I would kindly request that you apply this idea to an unfortunate reality. Please explain to me, and to all of us gurukulis, how it is that Srila Prabhupada knew about the abuses going on in the gurukulas in Dallas and Vrindavan especially -- we won't even go into what transpired after his passing, which I suppose he foresaw -- and allow it to continue. What kind of pastime was that?

© CHAKRA 03-December-2000

Was Prabhupada Omniscient?
By Svarupa dasa

Dear Atul Krishna Prabhu.

If you where called into the court where the case about the child abuse is going on and where asked by the judge to answer the question, "Was Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami aware about that the children in some of ISKCON's schools where sexually abused?" would you answer "yes" to the question?

© CHAKRA 03-December-2000

UNESCO Withdraws From Sai Baba Conference

Paris, France - UNESCO has decided it will no longer sponsor nor take part in a conference it had been due to co-organize with the Institute of Sathya Sai Education (ISSE, Thailand). UNESCO's withdrawal was prompted by several factors. Certain decisions were taken by the ISSE without consultation, such as plans to hold some of the sessions at the Ashram of the Sathya Sai movement in Puttaparthi, and the inclusion of some speakers in the conference programme without their previous consent. Furthermore, the Organization is deeply concerned about widely-reported allegations of sexual abuse involving youths and children that have been leveled at the leader of the movement in question, Sathya Sai Baba. 

© CHAKRA 20-November-2000

Sai Baba Child Abuse Allegation

Divine downfall

The guru Sai Baba has left India only once, yet his devotees across the world are estimated at up to 50 million. They worship him as a living god who, at the very least, can change people's lives and possibly even work miracles. But now his followers are bitterly divided by allegations that their guru has for years been systematically sexually abusing boy disciples summoned to his presence. A year ago, their son Sam had come to them with a shocking assertion: Sathya Sai Baba, he told them - the man the Youngs had revered as God for more than 20 years - was, in fact, a sexual abuser. Over the course of four years, in his ashram, while Sam's parents sat a few yards away - thrilled that their son should be in such close proximity to the divine, secure in their belief that the god-man was ministering to their son's spiritual welfare - Sai Baba was actually subjecting him to sustained and systematic sexual abuse.

© CHAKRA 17-November-2000

Indian Lawsuits on School Abuse May Bankrupt Canada Churches
By James Brooke

New York Times on the Web.

November 2, 2000


REGINA, Saskatchewan Lawsuits filed by thousands of former Indian boarding school students in Canada, claiming sexual, physical and "cultural" abuse, threaten to swamp the financial resources of four mainstream Christian churches that ran the schools until 1970.

© CHAKRA 10-November-2000

Nimala Has Stolen My Day in Court: An Open Letter to Mr. Turley
By Raghunatha Anudasa

Most of you have heard about the lawsuit filed against ISKCON by the Turley Law firm. The following is a petition I'm circulating to send him. The reasons for this petition are given below in my letter to Turley. I will include your responses to him on this matter unless otherwise requested not to.

© 14-September-2000

Reply from Windle Turley, P.C.
By Windle Turley, P.C.

Dear Mr. Giuffre;

Although I do not respond to most of the e-mail sent to this office regarding the ISKCON lawsuit, I did want to reply to your long letter RE: " Nirmala Has Stolen My Day in Court".

© 14-September-2000

BBC World News: Krishnas Face Huge Abuse Claim

Former students of the Hare Krishna religious movement have filed a $400m claim against the organisation for alleged sexual and emotional abuse. They say children as young as three were abused at boarding schools in America and India in the 1970s and 1980s. The lawsuit alleges offences including rape, sexual abuse, physical torture and emotional terror. It says young girls were given as brides to older men who donated to the religious community. The current Hare Krishna leadership has carried out its own investigations and promised a compensation fund for any victims. Only one of its schools now takes boarders.

© BBC News 12-September-2000

Dhanurdhara Maharaja Should Have Followed the ICOCP's Mandates
By Bhaktin Miriam

Some devotees are saying that Dhanurdhara Maharaja has changed and that he is not the same person that he was 20-25 years ago when he committed child abuse. That is very true, however, in the last few months he has not been very sensitive towards the abused Gurukuli veterans, their parents and the rest of the Vaisnava community concerned with the Child Abuse issue in ISKCON. The reason why I say this is because he has not abided by all the terms of the "Official Decision on the Case of Dhanurdhara Maharaja" set out by the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (ICOCP).  

© CHAKRA 16-August-2000

San Franciscan Friar Case

SANTA BARBARA, California (AP) -- The Franciscan Friars of California will pay $1.7 million to a man who claims a priest molested him when he was 9 years old, settling the last of more than a dozen lawsuits based on sexual abuse allegations at a seminary.  
>Full Story

© Copyright 2000 The Associated Press.

Response to Jayapataka Swami
By Krsnacandra dasa

It seems from Maharaja's comments that there is a difference and that the executive committee was not acting and possibly in some way does not act with the authority of the GBC. My point is quite simple and clear: the decision of the ICOCP was over turned. I did not over turn it. A body that has the power to over turn such a decision over turned it.

© CHAKRA 9-August-2000

Dhanurdhara Swami Misconception?
Name Withheld on Request

There is a misconception that Dhanurdhar Swami didn't try to apologize to the gurukulis. I know that he went to all the Ratha Yatra's on the east coast (in around 95-96) and personally fell at the feet of anyone who felt offended or abused by him. I was with him on his way to the New Vrindavan and LA Gurukula reunions to do the same, when he received urgent letters from the Gurukula Alumni not to do so.  

© CHAKRA 9-August-2000

Should Parents Be Let Off the Hook?
Name Withheld On Request

I can forgive those parents who have stepped forward and begged for forgiveness and who are willing to bend over backwards to make up for what happened, but those parents who are still so puffed up and won't stand by their kids are as bad as the abusers.

© CHAKRA 7-August-2000

A Dream
By Lotta Danielsson

It was but a dream I had.
I wanted it to be true, so it was.
To me.
Weep, my Heart!
Cry for the loss of the Dream,
The stray of the Truth.

© CHAKRA 18-July-2000

Rethinking the Abuse Lawsuit
By Ksamabuddhi das

I have been reading a lot lately about the highly publicized lawsuit that the abused children of ISKCON have recently filed. I am hoping to take this opportunity to try and discuss in further detail some of the implications and ramifications of this legal action. 

© CHAKRA 13-July-2000

Reply to Krsnacandra's Article on Child Abuse
By Jayapataka Swami

I was browsing CHAKRA today and read your article dated May, 2000. I was surprised to find your strident and aggressive tone against the GBC. I think you fail to understand how the GBC operates in ISKCON. The GBC as a body meets once a year and sometimes more on emergencies or through correspondence. Only a decision of the GBC should be considered a decision of the GBC. 

© CHAKRA 9-July-2000

The Turley Dilemma
By Bhakta David Gould

Like most CHAKRA readers, I was horrified to read of the incorrect and blasphemous allegations made about our Founder-Acharya, Srila Prabhupada, whose commitment to spiritual and moral purity, and the protection of children cannot be questioned. The Turley case does raise moral questions for us all.

© CHAKRA 30-June-2000

Hare Krishnas Respond to Law Suit - Media Release
By Anuttama dasa

Washington, D.C.—A lawsuit alleging that child abuse occurred in the 1970's and 1980’s at several parochial schools and temples affiliated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known as the Hare Krishna movement, was filed on June 12, 2000, in the Federal District Court in Dallas, Texas. The suit seeks $400 million dollars in damages.  

© Anuttama 12-June-2000

ISKCON Breach of Faith
By Arthur J. Pais (San Francisco)

The organization finds itself in a holy mess after students file a $400-milion sexual abuse suit

Controversy hovers over them like a halo. Two years ago, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was rocked by reports of sexual and physical abuse at the society's gurukuls (boarding schools) in both India and the US. Hare Krishna leaders had immediately moved in with a series of damage-control measures, including a promise to set aside $250,000 (Rs 12 crore) annually to investigate the abuse and to provide counselling and financial help to the victims.

© India Today June-2000

Letter from Me
By Anuttama dasa

June 16, 2000 - Washington, D.C.: Whatever the falsities may be in Turley's excessive claims, we do know that many of our children were abused during the 1970's and 1980's. And, we continue to have a moral responsibility to help them. Regardless of the outcome of this case, we need to reach out to the young members in our communities.

© CHAKRA 20-June-2000

Sex Abuse Case Could Ruin Hare Krishnas
By David Usborne


New York - 14 June 2000: The Hare Krishna movement, which sends its saffron-clad devotees on to the streets of Britain and America to chant its name and collect donations, faces possible financial ruin from a $400m sexual abuse lawsuit filed in Texas by former pupils of its boarding schools.

© The Independent, London 14-June-2000

Girls "Raped at Hare Krishna Schools"
By Ben Fenton

London, England - 14 June 2000: CHILDREN at schools run by the Hare Krishna movement were raped, placed in cupboards crawling with rats and forced to eat maggot-infested food, a court was told yesterday. In a $400 million (£266 million) damages suit brought by 44 former pupils of 11 boarding schools in America, lawyers claimed that girls aged 12 or 13 were "given" or "promised" to older male members of the movement. The commission of even trivial "sins" identified by the cult's teachers could result in a child as young as six being put into a dustbin with the lid closed for two or three days, the plaintiffs' complaint said.  

© The Telegraph, London - 14-June-2000

Hare Krishna Schools Sued
By Susan Parrott - The Associated Press

Federal Suit Involves 44 Plaintiffs Alleging Abuse

DALLAS, June 12 - More than three dozen former students of Hare Krishna boarding schools filed a $400 million lawsuit against leaders of the religious community today, alleging years of sexual, physical and emotional torture. The 44 plaintiffs in the suit allege child abuse over two decades at boarding schools in the United States and India. The federal court suit, filed in Dallas, names the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) as lead defendant, along with 17 members of the group's governing board of top leaders and the estate of the movement's founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Plaintiffs' attorney Windle Turley called the abuse "the most unthinkable abuse and maltreatment of little children we have seen. It includes rape, sexual abuse, physical torture and emotional terror of children as young as 3 years of age."  

© Associated Press 12-June-2000

Support for the Child Protection Office
Name Withheld by Request

The abuse of children within ISKCON has many dimensions. Such abuse can include sexual abuse, physical maltreatment or violence and psychological abuse. In a spiritual organization, such as churches or ISKCON the common denominator is spiritual abuse.For the sake of the healing of the survivors of abuse, and for the health of our movement, the Office of Child Protection must have the resources to help survivors heal.

© CHAKRA 4-June-2000

Report from a Child Abuse Seminar
By Krsnacandra dasa

I returned last night from the seminar on Child Abuse that I wrote of in my last article 'GBC Reaction to Child Abuse Ruling'.  It was a very successful seminar as far as seminars go, and was well attended with victims, health and welfare professionals, lawyers and politicians.  

© CHAKRA 29-May-2000

GBC Reaction to Child Abuse Ruling
By Krsnacandra dasa

It seems that the GBC would like us to emphasize respect for a persons position and status at the expense of respect in a persons integrity, courage and honesty. All that the GBC is saying to us is that the lower level devotees who commit crimes against other devotees are penalized accordingly, however, once you have made it up into the upper echelon you can become more or less untouchable.  

© CHAKRA 22-May-2000

Child Protection Dialogue Must Continue
By Bhakta David Gauld

As a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of Christian priests, I know first hand what it is to live in pain, fear and suffering. ISKCON needs to dialogue with other religious and secular bodies dealing with child abuse. We need to draw on the healthy resources of these bodies. We need to solicit frank lines of dialogue with the judiciary and police, with psychologists and physicians, if we are to make inroads into recovering from this problem.

© CHAKRA 12-May-2000

Announcement about Maha Mantra dasa (Mathew Zacharais)
By Dhira Govinda dasa

Based on reports the Child Protection Office (CPO) has received concerning Maha Mantra dasa (Matthew Zacharais), a white-bodied person who has recently been in Canada and who took initiation from Satsvarupa Maharaja, the CPO recommends that Maha Mantra does not have any contact with an ISKCON temple, ISKCON school, ISKCON project, or any ISKCON-affiliated organization.

© CHAKRA 2-April-2000

29 years down the drain
Author’s name withheld

Editor’s note: Chakra agreed to post these powerful recollections by a young woman who attended gurukula in an effort to help our readers understand the gurukula experiences of some of the children who were hurt. However, we have decided not to name the alleged abusers, since they have not been tried in any court or investigated by the ISKCON Office of Child Protection. The author has agreed with this decision. Your servant, Madhusudani dasi, Chakra co-editor)

© CHAKRA 08-Feb-2000

Reply to Sri Rama
By Rocana dasa

Dear Sri Rama dasa,

I am writing in response to your Chakra article dated December 6 directed towards Ragunatha Stocker, now a symbolic representative of all the abused children of ISKCON’s past. Your message was that Ragunatha was making a grave mistake by participating in the upcoming class action civil suit against ISKCON.

© CHAKRA 16-Jan-2000

Srila Prabhupada on Child Abuse
By Bhakta David Gould

It appears that we have first hand evidence that Srila Prabhupada was enraged when told about child abuse in Dallas. This refutes Sri Rama’s assertion that neither devotees nor karmis knew anything about child abuse in the 70s.

© CHAKRA 18-Dec-1999

“Heads in the clouds”
By Krsnacandra dasa

I am writing in response to Sri Rama’s two-part letter in Chakra.

Although some points that he makes are somewhat true the main perspective that he takes on this extremely important matter is misleading. He uses many false assumptions and a lot of word jugglery to evade the actual issues.

© CHAKRA 14-Dec-1999

Turn to Srila Prabhupada
(name withheld)

Commenting on Krsnacandra prabhus article on child abuse, I agree that honesty, integrity and courage is the way we as a movement must address this issue.

As a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Christian “priests” I know the intense psychological pain of child sexual abuse. Posttraumatic stress disorder is something that all survivors have to live with. ISKCON must be brave and bold in tackling this issue.

© CHAKRA 09-Dec-1999

Please don't sue ISKCON
By Dina Sharana dasa

ISKCON is in fact doing the greatest welfare work, educating people how to go home back to Godhead, in so many dozens of temples and projects. There has been enough defacing of ISKCON itself and of Srila Prabhupada’s body. If only out of consideration for the tens of thousands of souls who are hearing now, and will hear about Lord Chaitanya in the future, please focus all rightful attempts for justice upon the individuals and not the greater society. We stand as the greatest rascals asking your consideration.

© CHAKRA 18-Nov-1999

Child abuse issue demands honesty
By Bhakta David Gould

As a devotee of Krishna, and as a survivor of child sexual abuse from the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in Australia, I share many of the feelings that survivors of abuse within ISKCON feel. All allegations of sexual abuse must be handed to the civil authorities. Transparency will help root these monsters out and hopefully draw the members of ISKCON together in Srila Prabhupada’s family.

© CHAKRA 4th-Oct-1999

Child Protection decision on Vaisnava and Hunkara
By Ijya dasa

Here are copies of the Official Decisions in the cases of Vaisnava dasa (from Peru) and Hunkara dasa (Humberto Colonia), issued by the Child Protection Office. There is also a copy of the Addendum to the Official Decision in the case of Hunkara dasa. We are sending you these decisions so that you are informed and can enforce them in your areas of responsibility. Please contact the Child Protection Office if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about these decisions.

© CHAKRA 18-Sep-1999

Training Seminar in Italy: A Child Protection Justice System Take Shape
by Ijya dasa - ISKCON Central Office of   Child Protection

The children of our society are our most valuable asset. They must by all means be protected. If, by this child protection judicial system, one child is protected from abuse, then in that sense, justice has been served. It is for this purpose that the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection was formed in April, 1998. As Dhira Govinda prabhu has nicely stated:

© CHAKRA 07-Jul-99

Child Protection Update

In an ongoing effort to keep our ISKCON society informed of the activities of the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection, we would like to provide you with this report:

Recently, we sent out our first newsletter, "Nrsimha-Vyapasrayah", to gurukula veterans, temple presidents and GBCs around the world. Here are some excerpts from the newsletter:

CHAKRA 16-Apr-99

Child Protection:
Our Work Continues
An Update by Dhira Govinda dasa

Here is an update on the activities of the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (ICOCP):

The Office continues to receive many applications for grants from gurukula veterans who suffered mistreatment while they were children under the care of ISKCON, and during the past year the ICOCP has funded more than $70,000 in grants. These grants have assisted devotees with educational and vocational opportunities, as well as with therapy.

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Dhanurdhara Maharaja Update
from Dhira Govinda dasa

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I have received a lot of comments recently on the situation of the case of Dhanurdhara Maharaja, prompted by the incident last month in Mayapur when Maharaja was assaulted by a gurukula veteran. Therefore I am sending a general letter to many devotees, in the hope of providing relevant information and perhaps clarifying misconceptions.

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Children of Krishna
from Jahnavi dasi

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my respects.

In reading recent posts it seems that many devotees may not know about some of the positive measures being taken to rectify and prevent abuse to the children of the Hare Krsna Movement. Organizations like Children of Krishna Inc. and the Office of Child Protection both have proactive and comprehensive programs dealing with such issues as past abusers, helping our youth affected, preventing child abuse in the future and supporting our youth in achieving their goals in general. More can and should be done, and if you would like to help be part of the solution or know more information please get in touch with us.

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Clearing the Air
ISKCON Has Taken Positive Steps
Krishna Avatar replies to Raghunnatha

I would like to clear up a few points. You wrote "I have the video tape of the event which I would be happy to give a transcription of wherein Krsna Avatar concludes with, 'we will take matters into our own hands' and that they will 'do something' - meaning law suit."

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Prabhupada's Magic - Cure for ISKCON Child Abuse
(part 1)
By Raghunatha Anudasa@aol.com

Read Part 2 of this article

I have just read Prof. Burkes report for the ISKCON Communications Journal on the movements history of child abuse. Here's the response "from the 2nd generation" that you requested for your journal. It irks me how the most significant, if not sole reason for reform of ISKCON child-care failed to be mentioned - except in passing as an after math of the GBC "leaders" efforts at reform. 

Hare Krishnas Investigate Past Abuse at Boarding Schools
a news release from ISKCON Communications

The academic journal of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), in its most recent volume, examines allegations of child abuse in Hare Krishna boarding schools in the United States and India during the 1970's and 1980's.

CHAKRA 17-Oct-98

Update: Central Office
of Child Protection
from Ijya dasa

September 4, 1998

On Aug. 20, 1998, the Child Protection Office received word that it's funding was abruptly and completely cut. As a result, the functions of this Office were temporarily suspended. However, due to the sincere efforts and prayers of many devotees, who are convinced about the importance of the work of this office and it's faith restoring potential, the process of securing alternate funding immediately got underway. Within a short period (enough time to have our finger on the panic button), one heroic Vaisnava came forward with a donation to allow us to continue through the month of September. As of today, we have received word that funding is now once again available, so that this Office can continue the work we have started.

CHAKRA 6 Sep 98

ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection
from Dhira Govinda dasa

There are three major functions of the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection.

1) Caring for victims of abuse in ISKCON. This involves funding and referrals for therapy, as well as vocational and educational opportunities. The Office of Child Protection is acting in this capacity, and, in conjunction with Children of Krishna, is assisting many young adults in this way. Please inform anyone who is eligible to receive such assistance about the services of this Office.

CHAKRA 1 Aug 98

Child Protection Update
by Dhira Govinda dasa

The ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection is accepting cases of child abuse to be investigated and adjudicated. If anyone knows of an instance of child abuse that happened under the jurisdiction of ISKCON, please report it to:

Dhira Govinda dasa
ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection
P.O. Box 1438 Alachua, Florida 32616-1438
Tel: 904-418-0882
FAX: 904-418-0982
email: dgovinda@aol.com

Reports will be kept confidential, within the parameters of the investigative process. Please include with the report as much detail as possible, as well as contact information of the reporter, the alleged victim(s), and the alleged perpetrator(s). Our goal is to resolve past and present cases of child abuse in Srila Prabhupada's movement, and we thank you for your assistance in this effort.

Hare Krsna.

Your servant,

Dhira Govinda dasa
Director- ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection

CHAKRA 30-May-98

ISKCON Central Office
of Child Protection
by Dhira Govinda Dasa

In 1997, the GBC created a Task Force on Child Abuse in ISKCON. As a result of the recommendations of that Task Force, the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection has been established.

The goals of this Office can be divided into three categories:
   1) taking care of former victims and survivors of abuse in ISKCON,
   2) resolving past and present allegations of abuse in ISKCON, and
   3) setting up effective systems of child protection in ISKCON that will be implemented, monitored, and evaluated.

CHAKRA 17 May 98

ISKCON Child-Protection System
by Premarnava (das) HKS (GBC Corr. Secretary) (NE-BBT)
(Reprinted from COM)

In the GBC meeting this year, 1998, the following resolution was accepted:

"[Law] 305 THAT the proposal of the Child Protection Task Force outlining a justice system, central office, and various guidelines for GBC Members, Regional Secretaries and Temple Presidents to assure enforcement and implementation, is approved in total and is the approved standard everyone should follow."

CHAKRA 27 Apr 98

Alachua Ashram Still Closed
An update on the Muralivadaka case

St. Helier, Jersey (CHAKRA)—Muralivadaka dasa, who recently admitted sexually abusing young boys 10 years ago at the Lake Huntington Gurukula, is presently living in St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife. He is trying to put his life together after the sudden exposure of his past deeds.

CHAKRA 09 Apr 98

Family Counselors Needed

ISKCON is setting up a central office for child protection. One of the aspects of this office will be providing counseling for children who have been sexually abused. We are looking for trained family counselors, especially those with experience in this particular field.

Our goal is to establish a network of counselors worldwide to care locally for victims anywhere in the ISKCON world, as well as to find some qualified counselors who can travel for emergency assessments and therapy. In other words, you can participate in this program whether or not you are able to travel.

We are looking for volunteers and we also have funding to pay; the most important criterion is to be able to provide quality care.

If you are interested and have academic qualifications, training, and work experience, please contact Badrinarayan dasa at:


We will get back to you with a simple questionnaire and information sheet.

Thank you for your help with this very important service.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa

Muralivadaka Not Maintained
Not receiving money from temple

MAYAPURA (CHAKRA via COM) – The Alachua temple council has denied rumors that Muralivadaka dasa is being maintained by the temple.

"As for the temple paying for an apartment or other expenses, that is absolutely not true," said a member of the temple council. "Murali has been staying at a home of a devotee who is of of town. He is living off the income his wife has received in SSI for the last few years. Under no conditions would Mother Nanda or any temple authority help Murali monetarily."

Muralivadaka dasa has admitted molesting children in the Lake Huntington, NY, Gurukula about 10 years ago.

According to Florida law, Muralivadaka cannot be prosecuted unless there is evidence of molestation committed more recently.

Child-Protection Proposal
A report by Badrinarayan Dasa

In June 1997, the GBC commissioned a task force to recommend methods of resolving allegations of child abuse in the past and of dealing appropriately with perpetrators and ministering to victims in cases of confirmed abuse and to suggest systems to be put in place for protecting our children in the future.

The members of that task force are Akhandadhi dasa, Anuttama dasa, Badrinarayan dasa (chairman), Dharmaraja dasa, Laxmimoni devi dasi, Manu dasa, Pancaratna dasa, Sesa dasa, and Yasoda devi dasi, thus calling on those experienced in the fields of education, child psychology, administration, parenting, and law.

A letter from Dina Sharana Dasa

"He is not supported, favored, or even spoken kindly of by anyone in the whole community."

I'm not quite sure I understand the truthfulness and usefulness of the above statement. Number one, whoever said that is saying a half-truth, if not an out and out untruth. How do they know what all 250 adults in the community are thinking or doing? I know of no survey, certainly no one's asked me or my wife, and we're two members of the community. This is a grossly inaccurate statement, as far as accuracy goes.

Muralivadaka Still in Alachua
Muralivadaka Dasa is still living in Alachua despite reports that he has moved to St. Augustine with the help of devotees. "He has not run off into hiding," reports a CHAKRA source in Alachua. "He is not supported, favored, or even spoken kindly of by anyone in the whole community."

Muralivadaka, a former ISKCON schoolteacher, has admitted sexually abusing four of his boy students ten years ago.

At present Muralivadaka has no contact with any ISKCON members except those participating in the investigation. The state of Florida has agreed to let the devotees continue their investigation with the help of professionally qualified devotee child-psychologists specializing in child-abuse cases.

As the investigation now stands, it appears that there are no recent incidents. The state of Florida will not prosecute unless there is evidence of recent incidents or the victims press charges.

Child Abuse Probe

Mill Valley (CHAKRA)— State and local authorities in Alachua, Florida, are waiting to decide whether to press criminal child-abuse charges against Muralivadaka Dasa pending further investigation and collection of testimonies.

ISKCON Teacher Admits
Child Abuse

Alachua (CHAKRA)—Muralivadaka Dasa, longtime ISKCON headmaster and schoolteacher, has admitted sexually abusing four of his boy students. According to Muralivadaka, the incidents happened more than ten years ago and there were no other boys involved.

The names of the boys are being withheld pending further investigation.

Comments on Child Abuse -- Summary: Several things should be noted concerning the GBC resolutions on Child Abuse

Child abuse: Has ISKCON done the needful? - Madhusudani Radha devi dasi. Summary: ...standardized guidelines outlining consequences for abusers need to be developed.

Comments on Child Abuse -- Summary: Several things should be noted concerning the GBC resolutions on Child Abuse

God Helps Those Who Help themselves - Umapati Swami. Summary: Whose responsibility is abuse prevention?

Child abuse: Has ISKCON done the needful? - Madhusudani Radha devi dasi. Summary: ...standardized guidelines outlining consequences for abusers need to be developed.

Child Abuse Still a Problem? -- Bahudak dasa. Summary: I submit that the occurence of child abuse in the movement was very very high and it is the greatest shame and the greatest scandal that we have to face.

Testimony from Bhurijan Summary: It appears that there may be an additional history that Bahudaka didn't mention.
: It appears that there may be an additional history that Bahudaka didn't mention.
: It appears that there may be an additional history that Bahudaka didn't mention.
: It appears that there may be an additional history that Bahudaka didn't mention.

Bahudak's Reply to Bhurijan. Summary: It is false and totally inaccurate that there were any suspicions about Sastra at the time he went to Vrndavana.

GBC Resolutions on Child Abuse. Summary: That the following is adopted as the official ISKCON policy on child abuse incidents

Child Abuse in Germany. Summary: Referring to Bahudaka's shocking article on the statistics of child abuse in the United States and in India, I would like to add the following.

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