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Krishna's Cows

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Cruel Milk
by Nirguna devi dasi

Calcutta has the largest leather processing unit in India. West Bengal and Kerala are the only States in India where cow slaughter is legal. These cows are brought in, several times a week, sometimes more than 40 wagonloads full, ostensibly for milk. The milk-men milk the cows for a few months; the cows are then sold to leather merchants and a fresh lot of mother cows is brought in from Punjab.

Free "Meet Your Meat" CD
by Chalissa1

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Answer to Vegetarian vs Vegan
by Paul Howard

Hare Krishna

Although preventing suffering of cows is undoubtedly a very worthy cause which should be a concern for every devotee, I am surprised to see this article printed on Chakra. Srila Prabhupada stressed the importance of offering milk and milk products to Krishna and honoring the resulting prasad. The goal should not be to become vegans, but to endeavor to protect cows as part of our service to Krishna.

Veganism vs Vegetarianism
by Chalissa

Most of us wish to be compassionate individuals, and some of us, as part of our goal to be compassionate eat only vegetarian foods. Many people who are vegetarian feel quite comfortable eating dairy products since they believe there is no killing of an animal and assume that there is no cruelty involved in obtaining such animal products, as milk, cheese, yogurt, and ghee. Is this indeed true? A speaker at the Hari Om Temple suggested that there is great suffering associated with milk and other dairy products.

On a Mountain Road in India
A Poem by Ingrid Newkirk - Founder of PETA

That head weighs as much as your whole body. Whatever you do, beware of those horns!

Foot and Mouth Disease Endangers ISKCON Cows in UK
By Vipramukha Swami

Mayapur, India - (March 8, 2001): A recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease is threatening ISKCON cows in the United Kingdom. Bhaktivedanta Manor, ISKCON's European Headquarters, presently has about 30 cows and bulls who may become infected with the disease if proper precautions are not taken.

© CHAKRA 10 March 2001

Self Reliant Cow Protection
By Madhava Gosh

I read with interest Garuda's article on Self Sufficient Cow Protection. I am happy seeing the topic discussed, even more so by someone making a serious attempt to reconnect with the Earth. I am moved to respond and will address aspects of 4 topics in this reply - cow protection, self sufficiency, mules versus oxen from the perspective of draft animals, and mules versus oxen from the perspective of cow protection.

© CHAKRA 30 January 2001

Call for GBC Cow Protection Reports

Unfortunately, even though it was they who enacted ISKCON's Minimum Cow Protection Standards into law, the GBC have been overwhelmingly negligent in carrying out their important duty of meeting with cowherds and submitting cow protection reports. In July 2000, the Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture sent requests to all GBC and known monitors for cow protection reports. Since then it has sent numerous additional private requests for reports. The response has been negligible. At this point only Pennsylvania's ISKCON Gita-nagari farm is current with all the required quarterly Cow Protection Reports.  

© CHAKRA 24-January-2001

Self-Sufficient Cow Protection
By Garuda dasa

Cow protection in ISKCON has taken many forms over the life of movement. Today we are stuck in a simple cow retirement program where there are large donations being generated from city dwelling devotees to pay for hay and grain to feed the cows, and tractors are being used to do any serious work needed to be done on the Krishna farms. (I am mainly speaking of North America).

© CHAKRA 11-January-2001

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