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EC Meeting Minutes

ISKCON Houston, July 8 – 10, 2002

Attended by Giridhari Swami, Chairman, Bhakti Caitanya Swami, Gopal Krsna Goswami, Bir Krishna Goswami, Praghosa Prabhu. Kalakantha das, Secretary.


Follow up from 2002 GBC meeting

Strategic Planning: The EC commends Anuttama Prabhu and the devotees involved with the "Educate, Train and Care for Devotees" Strategic Planning committee, one of six established at last year’s strategic planning exercise. The EC recognizes that this group has moved forward because the leaders took the initiative to add people who were interested and willing to work while dropping others. The EC encourages other chairmen to follow their example and to use creative ways to find out interested devotees from all quarters in their committee’s subject.

GBC Resolutions 2002

The GBC resolutions and zonal assignments for 2002 are available for downloading. The file is in zipped format. To unzip, double click on the downloaded file. Unzipped files will be in RTF format, compatible with most word processors.

Click here to download.

Thanks and appreciation from to our sponsor and host,

GBC 2002 Meeting Summary
From Kalakantha das (ACBSP)

The following was read by a GBC representative to Sri Sri Radha Madhava this morning, March 12, 2002.

The 2002 GBC meetings began in Srila Prabhupada's service on March 1st in Mayapur. Chairman Ramai Swami arranged substantial help for the GBC body from the GBC Deputies, headed by Braja Bihari and Aniruddha Prabhus, so the Body could concentrate on broad issues for the development of ISKCON. These broad issues included:

1. Study of Guru/Disciple issues. Should a qualified devotee accept disciples in the physical presence of his spiritual master? What is the relationship between the disciple and his or her siksa and diksa gurus? What should be the standards for gurus and disciples in ISKCON? The GBC devoted two days to discussing these and related questions in light of guru, sastra, and sadhu. The results will appear in the form of position papers from the newly formed Sastric Advisory Committee and sections from this year's resolutions that clarify and refine ISKCON policies.

2. Strategic Planning. What are the priorities for ISKCON preaching over the coming five years? 

More Reports from GBC Members
By Kalakantha dasa

Sunday, March 10, 2002 (Mayapur, India): Two additional GBC members gave their reports yesterday during the annual GBC meeting in Mayapur, India.

Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu, a member of the GBC Body since 1986, reported that in May 2001 he worked with Devi Deva Prabhu to secure ISKCON copyrights and membership marks around the world. In June he finished an article for the Journal of Vaishnava Studies on Radharani. He also worked with college professors in Detroit developing points on how leaders of an organization can assess themselves.

Jayapataka Maharaja, the most senior sannyasi in ISKCON and a member of the GBC, said that he heads the Congregational Ministry, whose goal is to build congregations both where temples do and do not exist. The Ministry aims to give high quality care and support to congregational devotees. To this end the Ministry has published a handbook on Bhakti Vrksa in English, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, and Bengali. 

GBC Report, March 10, 2002
From Tusti Mohan Krsna dasa

Dear devotees,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We have updated the website .

It has information about the lunch of the GBC and IMM members in the Gurukula, Prof. Arnold Zack's presentation to the GBC members & International Managerial Meeting Members, Abhiram Prabhu on the Mayapur project, and the GBC elected authorities. It also has the latest photos of the Mayapur Deities and more about the festival.

GBC Report, March 9, 2002
From Tusti Mohan Krsna das

Mayapur dham is better and better every day, and the sensation that we feel here is amazing with so many devotees from all over the world giving us their association and sharing with us their realizations and service to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. It is great to see that every morning senior devotees from different parts of the world are giving lectures and leading kirtans as well having meetings with devotees. This brings life to Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir.

This morning was a little cool and nice with fog until almost 10:00 am, and today's lecture was given by HG Prithu prabhu for English speakers, and HH BVV Narashimha Swami gave class to Bengali devotees assisted by a translator.

Dina bandhu prabhu was leading a kirtan that was very ecstatic. HH Bhakti Vijana Goswami was taking Srila Prabhupada in procession during SP gurupuja.

GBC Officers
From Tusti Mohan Krsna Das

[from Free Forum]

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Today, March 6th, the new authorities of the GBC were elected during the annual meeting in Mayapur and the result is as follows:

Chairman: HH Giridhari Swami.

First Vice-Chairman: HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami.
[More inside.]

Summary of GBC Meetings
By Tusti Mohan Krsna das

[from Free Forum]

I would like to share some information about the meetings in Mayapur of the GBC Members. I will give just a summary about the main activities. Also I am sending more pictures to be posted on the official website of Mayapur. <>.

Here's an overview of what has happened so far.

Since February 27th, seventeen deputy-GBC members have been going through forty proposals and prepared them for discussion and decisions by the GBC body.

On March 1st, the meeting started in the morning with Ramai Swami's keynote address. That day and the next, the GBC discussed ISKCON Guru-Tattva issues. 

Reports from GBC Members, 2002
By Kalakantha dasa

GBC members began the 2002 meetings in Mayapur, India, this year by summarizing their preaching activities around the world.

Bhaktimarga Maharaja reported that the Toronto Rathayatra was organized last year by ISKCON youths. The Rathayatra is one of the largest in North America. In Toronto, Maharaja turned over the temple management to Mother Subuddhi, Krsna das Prabhu, and Mother Prahara. In Montreal, Vishvambhara Prabhu, a senior devotee has taken over the temple management. A group of immigrant Russian devotees is organizing a farm community one hour from the city. In Ottawa, the temple is near the University of Ottawa where there is a regular dinner program. Maharaja visits all over the country, including St. John’s on the far east coast. Challenges include a lot of encroachment from Narayan Maharaja in Saranagati and some one-sided media coverage of the Turley lawsuit.

GBC Meetings Website
From Tusti Mohan Krsna (das) JPS

[from Free Forum]

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

The GBC meetings have started in Mayapur in the library room of the Conch Building rooftop. We will be sending information to

Your servant,
Tusti Mohan Krsna das

[Complete on this page. Photos inside.]

Last Call for GBC Proposals
from Radha Krishna (das) RNS (GBC Secretary)

The GBC meetings for the year 2002 will begin on 1st March 2002.

Here is the Standard Format for GBC Proposals. To make our job and the job of the Subcommittees easier, we have added an Explanation part and we have given detailed guidelines for writing the proposals. For your ready reference an appendix has also been added below...Only if we receive the Proposals (through a GBC member) latest by the 1st of Dec 2001 will we be able to send the agenda to the GBC body for discussion by the 15th of Dec 2001. 

The GBC Meetings in Mayapur, Year 2001

What Happened in Mayapur - Part Three - Reactions of Devotees 
By Sri Rama Dasa

Following this letter are a batch of texts I'm forwarding to the conference, representing reactions of devotees to the GBC resolutions, the official and unofficial explanations of the GBC in response to our questions, and other reports and related information.

© CHAKRA 10 June 2001

What Happened In Mayapur?
By Sri Rama Dasa

Our GBC Restructure committee requests an Official point-by-point explanation from the GBC Executive Committee explaining why the GBC Body chose to reject our proposal for restructuring and reform.

© CHAKRA 03 June 2001

Apology for Article
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Germany) - March 23, 2001: Recently CHAKRA published an erroneous article authored by me announcing that Hari Sauri Prabhu, in resigning as the Minister of Jyotish, was placing Syamasundara Prabhu, a senior devotee and astrologer, as the interim Minister until reconfirmation at next year's Mayapur meetings.

© CHAKRA 24 March 2001

What Really Happened at the Mayapur Meetings
By Badrinarayan Dasa

What follows is a response to the picture being painted in some circles that the GBC rejected the reorganization plan coming out of the European and North American IC meetings, and proposed by Ravindra Svarupa prabhu, due to attachment, ineptitude, or systemic paralysis.

© CHAKRA 24 March 2001

GBC 2001 Resolutions



To read the GBC Resolutions on line click here
To download the GBC Resolutions click here
© CHAKRA 24 March 2001

Unofficial Report on the 2001 GBC Meetings
By Kalakantha Dasa

The minutes from this year's GBC meeting have been compiled and, as usual, are being reviewed by an attorney before public release. They should be out within a week. However, several inaccurate reports have already been circulating, so here for your information is a short, unofficial summary of some key points from the meeting secretary.

© CHAKRA 25 February 2001

GBC Tables Restructuring Proprosal
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Jagannath Puri, India) - February 20, 2001: In a surprise move after extensive discussions on GBC restructuring extending for almost 2 weeks, the GBC Body voted on Sunday to table the restructuring proposal until next year.

© CHAKRA 21 February 2001

GBC Second Plenary Session
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Jagannath Puri, India) - February 18, 2001: The GBC Meetings went into the second of three final plenary sessions in Mayapur, India, today as GBC members considered and gave their final votes on a multitude of proposals before the Body. The meetings will conclude tomorrow.

© CHAKRA 18 February 2001

CHAKRA Reporter to Leave Mayapur Soon
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 14, 2001: The last three days of the GBC meetings won't be covered on CHAKRA because I've made a decision to go to Jagannath Puri with Svavasa and Ramabhadra Prabhus. The GBC meetings will conclude on February 19, 2001.

© CHAKRA 14 February 2001

GBC Members Cook and Serve Prasadam
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 14, 2001: While the ISKCON Managers Meeting was underway this morning GBC members were busy cooking prasadam. At lunch time the temple presidents, GBC Deputies and Gurukulis sat down, while the GBC members served prasadam to them.

© CHAKRA 14 February 2001

Mayapur Project Presentation
By Vipramukhya Swami

Abhirama made the frank comment that he needs an intact organization before they can build the temple. "We have made a buildable design that is pleasing to look at." He said they could begin the construction today if they had the money.   

© CHAKRA 13 February 2001

Straw Voting Complete
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 13, 2001: The straw voting is done. Today the GBC will hear a presentation on the Mayapur Project by Abhirama Prabhu.

© CHAKRA 13 February 2001

Plenary Session Considers Straw Votes
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 11, 2001: The GBC Body met in a plenary session today to hear the presentation of the subcommittees, ask questions and give straw ballot votes. These votes will go back to the subcommittees for further consideration.

© CHAKRA 12 February 2001

Straw Votes To Begin Today
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 11, 2001: The subcommittees continued to meet yesterday to finalize their analysis of the proposals before the GBC Body. Today the subcommittee facilitators will present their findings at the GBC plenary session.

© CHAKRA 11 February 2001

It's Not that All "Renunciates" are Renounced
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 11, 2001: His Holiness Prahladananda Swami gave the Bhagavatam class here in Mayapur this morning. The verse reads: "Sannyasis who first consider that the body is subject to death, when it will be transformed into stool, worms or ashes, but who again give importance to the body and glorify it as the self, are to be considered the greatest rascals."  

© CHAKRA 11 February 2001

Voting on GBC Restrucuring
Simhesvara Dasa

This is to announce that there is a site, that presents an opportunity to vote on the various GBC Restructure proposals. This could serve as a medium to get to know the choice, feelings or mood of devotees.

© CHAKRA 11 February 2001

Child Protection Discussion at GBC Meeting
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 9, 2001: The GBC Body met today to hear a presentation by Dhira Govinda Prabhu, AKA Dr. David Wolf, about child abuse. Speaking before an audience of approximately 100, it was part of an ongoing GBC program to increase awareness of child abuse issues and prevention. He also presented several educational videos on abuse in churches/temples, and among congregational members.  

© CHAKRA 10 February 2001

Radhanatha Swami's Class in Mayapur
By Vipramukhya Swami

Maharaja began by thanking the devotees for giving him an opportunity to render service by speaking something he has heard from Srila Prabhupada.

© CHAKRA 10 February 2001

Giridhari Swami's Class in Mayapur
By Vipramukhya Swami

Maharaja spoke about a man who contacted Srila Prabhupada's books in the Far East, and then presented himself as an incarnation of Krishna and a pure devotee. He developed thousands of followers. People turned all of their assets over to him, believing him to be a genuine sadhu, but when he disappeared with those assets, people realized he was a cheater.

© CHAKRA 09 February 2001

GBC Meeting 2001 Begins
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - February 7, 2001: The GBC plenary session started at noon with an auspicious Vedic inauguration ceremony led by three brahmanas from the Mayapur community. A reading followed guru-puja to Srila Prabhupada and chanting of auspicious mantras from the Srimad-Bhagavatam, 5th Canto, Chapter 18, Text 9. GBC Chairman, Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu, conducted the reading.

© CHAKRA 08 February 2001

On the Way to Mayapur
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (West Bengal, India) - February 4, 2001:

Our party arrived this morning at the Calcutta International Airport. After breezing trough immigration and customs where everyone kept saying "Hare Krishna" to us, we met our pre-arranged taxi driver and began our journey north to Mayapur about a half hour ago.

© CHAKRA 06 February 2001

Annual GBC Meeting Update
By Vipramukhya Swami
A CHAKRA exclusive

The website will post daily news outlining the progress of the GBC meetings this year for the 4th year running. Follow the controversies, dilemmas and solutions chalked out by ISKCON’s highest authority, the Governing Body Commission (GBC) at their annual general meeting.

© CHAKRA 01 February 2001

Annual GBC Meeting on CHAKRA
By Vipramukhya Swami
A CHAKRA exclusive

CHAKRA (London) - January 30 2001: The website will post daily news outlining the progress of the GBC meetings this year for the 4th year running. Follow the controversies, dilemmas and solutions chalked out by ISKCON’s highest authority, the Governing Body Commission (GBC) at their annual general meeting.

© CHAKRA 30 January 2001

GBC Meetings to Take Place in New Location
By Kalakantha dasa

The GBC Executive Committee has confirmed that the 2001 GBC meeting will take place Feb. 7 - 19 at the Vaishnava Academy building in Mayapur. The Vaishnava Academy is the new four-story building near the Jalangi adjacent to the Mayapur Gurukula and Goshala.

© CHAKRA 03-January-2000

Active GBC Ministries as of January 2001

(those with asterisk have not answered the GSO's database queries)

Ministry of Book Distribution -- Navina Nirada dasa
Ministry of Communication -- Anuttama dasa *
Ministry of Congregational Development -- Jayapataka Swami
Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture -- Balabhadra dasa
Ministry of Deity Worship -- Krsna-ksetra dasa
Ministry of Educational Development -- Sesa dasa *
Ministry of Health and Welfare -- Prahladananda Swami
Ministry of Justice -- Sesa dasa *
Ministry of Padayatra -- Lokanatha Swami
Ministry of Protection of ISKCON -- Ravindra Svarupa dasa *
Ministry of Sannyasa -- Prahladananda Swami
Women's Ministry -- Sudharma-devi dasi *
Ministry of of Youth -- Manu dasa

© CHAKRA 3-January-2000

Call for Agenda Items for the February GBC Meeting
By Kalakantha dasa

Call for Agenda Items for the GBC Meeting, Feb. 7 - 19, 2001

Deadline: January 1, 2001

Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu and the GBC Executive Committee will consider items for the GBC agenda submitted by GBC members before Jan. 1, 2001. If you want a topic or proposal included on the GBC agenda, please contact a GBC member to see about having it sponsored.

Find out how by reading this article

© CHAKRA 01-December-2000

2001 GBC Meetings Scheduled
By Kalakantha dasa

In coordination with Ravindra Swarupa and Hari Sauri prabhus, the 2001 GBC meeting dates have been set for Feb. 7 - 19, 2001.

There are many other educational, preaching, and parikrama opportunities before and after the meeting. A full schedule will follow.

© CHAKRA 7-October-2000

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