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Vaishnava dasanudas,
Basu Ghosh Das

Deities at Baroda, India, 
On Govardhana Puja, 2001

Photos Inside

Huge Public Attendance at 
ISKCON Baroda on Janmashtami

By Basu Ghosh Das

A rough estimate of the crowd that lined up to have the holy darshan of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar, Sri Sri Gaur Nitai and Sri Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadradevi at Hare Krishna Land, Baroda on Sri Krishna Janmastami day would be well over the 100, 000 figure.

Twentieth Annual Baroda Rathayatra Observed by Hundreds of Thousands
By Basu Ghosh Das

ISKCON Baroda, Gujarat, observed the 20th annual Sri Jagannath Rathayatra on Saturday, 23 June, 01. The Rathayatra, which was flagged off by Mayor Bhartiben Vyas at the Baroda Railway station started with 10, 000 members of the public in attendance.

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ISKCON News from Gujarat Earthquake Zone
Basu Ghosh dasa

Home Base: ISKCON-Baroda

This evening we called a meeting of several leading supporters of ISKCON Baroda at the temple here. We informed them that we are ready to send our two vans, with a seating capacity of 25, filled with devotees and congregational volunteers to the devastated areas of Kutch and Saurastra within the next couple of days.

They decided that initially they would donate 80 (100 Kg) bags of rice, 25 kg of moong dal, vegetables, and 10,000 water pouches. These supplies would accompany our two vans in a 10 ton truck.  Joining in this endeavor will be ISKCON's Vallabh Vidyanagar center, located on the campus of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University.  

Grand Observance of Sri Krishna Janmastami in Baroda
By Basu Ghosh Das

CHAKRA (Baroda, India) - August 24, 2000: On Wednesday, 23 August, 2000, the auspicious observance of Sri Krishna Janmastami was observed in a grand way by ISKCON at Hare Krishna Dham, Gotri Rd., Baroda. The Mandir was especially decorated both inside and without by flowers, balloons and lights. Crowd control arrangements by the management of ISKCON insured that the members of the public all had the change for a peaceful darshan on the auspicious day. Crowds queued up from the gate of the Mandir for almost 1/2 a kilometer onto the main Gotri Road.
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© CHAKRA 26-August-2000

Pictures of the Baroda Temple opening
By Basu Ghosh das

View of the grand entrance gate, made in traditional “Jaipur” or “Rajasthani” style at ISKCON Baroda.
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