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Adridharan Removed from ISKCON Calcutta Property 
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Calcutta, India) - 30 August, 2001: Adridharan dasa, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and former temple president of ISKCON Calcutta has been removed from his post and from the ISKCON premises, reports Bhakti Purusottama Swami. ISKCON devotees are now occupying the building at 3C Albert Road in Calcutta.

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Calcutta Ratha Yatra Restores Citizens' Faith in ISKCON
By Sudipto Mukerji

Actually Bhakti Caru Mahararaja is a gentleman to the core and an extremely tolerant Vaishnava. That is why he has spared Adridhran Das of further humiliation by omitting to mention that in addition to the Carts, Adridharan also had allegedly broken the seven floats that were in his custody at ISKCON property on 22 Gurusaday Road.

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Calcutta Ratha Yatra Was Indeed Highly Successful
By Bhakti Caru Swami

I just came across Mr. Deepak Vohra's article suggesting my report on the Calcutta Rathayatra was inaccurate. Antardwip Prabhu from England informed me about it. In a situation like this CHAKRA should have brought it to my notice sooner, in order to enable me to reply. I do not read CHAKRA that regularly.

In response to that article on CHAKRA, I am sending the following reports from some of the newspapers. I also am attaching a few pictures that had adorned the front pages of some leading newspapers clearly broadcasting the success of this festival. At the bottom I have made some additional comments which will be of interest.

© CHAKRA 18-July-2001

Without Prejudice - Calcutta Ratha Yatra
By Bhakti Caru Swami

Ratha Yatra Calcutta 1st July 2001

ISKCON Bureau, the highest legal authority of ISKCON in India, after suspending Adridharan dasa, had appointed a 8-man committee to manage the affairs of the ISKCON temple at Calcutta. However, despite being suspended, Adridharan Das is contesting the decision of the bureau in the court and refuses to allow any ISKCON devotees to enter the premises, and physically occupies the temple by the force of a number of hired gun-men and security guards.

© CHAKRA 5-July-2001

Successful Calcutta Rathayatra 2001
By Tusti Mohan Krishna das

Hare Krishna!

Dear devotees,

Today June, 23 - 2001, we had an excellent Rathayatra by the mercy of the Supreme Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva and Lady Subhadra, thousands of people were present to receive darshan from the Lord and to get His mercy and Maha prasadam, everybody was in ecstasy joining the devotees in the chanting and dancing before the Deities in a glorious day. The weather was suitable also by Krishna's arrangement for the complete success of the biggest festival in Calcutta every year, Great mercy of Srila Prabhupada who made the Rathayatra famous in the whole world.

© CHAKRA 27-June-2001

Dayarama admits that he has no evidence
By Adridharan dasa

Dayarama admits that he has no evidence - only a claim. We can all claim so many things. If you wish to have your claims taken seriously please present evidence, not stories.. Hari Vilas and the GBC have already settled this issue. So unless you have any new evidence to present to the discussion, please stay quiet, since you are not adding anything new to an issue that was already settled by the GBC.
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© CHAKRA 26-Oct-1999

Where has the income from the Calcutta Pandal gone?
By Dayaram das

I went and met Radhapada and Chaterjee, his secretary. This is what Radhapada told me: Before the property was purchased, Adri took Radhapada around the property at 22 Gurusaday Road. He was told not to enter the property, as that would increase the price of the property. He liked the location and wanted to donate it right then. Radhapada initially gave 11 lakhs in 1981 and paid in total 25 lakhs, i.e. the balance of 14 lakhs, right after the registration of the property. He clearly remembers that Rs. 10 lakhs were borrowed and he paid not only that money but also interest accumulated on it. And he gave extra for development work.
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© CHAKRA 21-Oct-1999

Dayarama offers no evidence
By Aridharan das

Trying to change the topic when you have been defeated is the oldest trick in the book. However, Dayarama will not escape that easily. I showed through 5 different sources of evidence that Radhapada was not the sole donor for the purchase of 22 Gurusadaya Road. Very tellingly Dayarama in his response has not challenged this evidence, nor has he offered any evidence of his own. On the contrary he has completely destroyed his case by admitting that the only basis he has for his claims is myself! Thus these omissions by Dayarama have only further confirmed that Radhapada dasa was not the sole donor for the purchase of 22 Gurusadaya Road.
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© CHAKRA 9th-Oct-1999

Dayaram's reply to Adri Dharan
By Dayaram das

Adridharan prabhu had this to say about my presentation on the wedding pandal in Calcutta: “Firstly some background. The property in question was purchased around 1981 by myself on behalf of ISKCON Calcutta. Dayarama Dasa did not even join ISKCON, and only years later took initiation from Jayapataka Swami in Bombay.” I would request Adri prabhu to not try his wool-spinning techniques on us. Simply answer one point. Was all this money donated to ISKCON by donors (in whatever capacity) really intended to run a marriage-business in which he can just make unaccounted money? And further, not be accountable to anyone?
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© CHAKRA 8th-Oct-1999

Dayaram's mistake
By Adri Dharan dasa

In trying to falsely claim that Radhapada dasa was the only donor for the ISKCON property at 22, Gurusaday Road, Calcutta, Dayarama dasa has made many easily disprovable statements. The proof that Radhapada dasa was not the only donor comes from 5 different sources of evidence:  
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© CHAKRA 30-Sep-1999

Pictures of Calcutta Rathayatra

CHAKRA (Calcutta, India) - This year the Calcutta temple held Rathayatra, and it was a big success as the pictures on this page reveal. A large float depicting pastimes of Krishna is seen to the right. Thousands of people gathered to hear kirtan below. Many VIPs and dignitaries also attended.
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© CHAKRA 29-Sep-1999

Calcutta Pandal - who is telling the truth?
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK) - September 28, 1999: Who financed the Calcutta wedding pandal that recently burned down? Dayaram's version posted below appears to contradict Harivilasa's recollections, who contradicted Hari Sauri's recollections. Who is telling the truth?
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© CHAKRA 27-Sep-1999

Response to Hari Sauri: recollections of the Calcutta Pandal issue
By Harivilasa dasa

CHAKRA (Seattle, WA, USA) - September 22, 1999: Adridharan remained polite and actually consented to a compromise knowing well that his other donors would be displeased. My personal experience with Radhapad has always been cordial and I have appreciated his sincere efforts to push on ISKCON’s missionary activities, however, like Mahaprabhu Prabhu, I was also very shocked by his unwarranted criticism of ISKCON leadership and his seemingly selfish demands to promote himself as the only donor at Gursaday Road. 
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See also "We didn't burn down the Pandal" by Hari Sauri.

© CHAKRA 22-Sep-1999

We didn't burn down illegal Calcutta Pandal
By Hari-sauri dasa

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - It has come to my attention that some rather disparaging remarks have been aimed at me by Sriman Adridharana dasa, the Calcutta temple president, regarding the recent fire, which destroyed his illegal wedding pandal set up on ISKCON property at 22 Gurusaday Rd. In an article to VNN Adridharana has done his best to seed the minds of his readers with the idea that Sriman Dayaram dasa, my fellow Co-Director at Mayapur, and myself were somehow to blame for the fire. Although I have never logged onto VNN and very rarely to Chakra, I feel some clarifications are needed to set the readers of such vitriol to rest.
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© CHAKRA 29-Aug-1999