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Another Apology from Detroit 
By Ravi

I apologize to Titiksa devi dasi and her family if I offended them.
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Detroit Temple Saga
Final attempt at resolving chaos
By Titiksa dev dasi

I am writing this in my final attempt at resolving the chaos I seem to be feeling and experiencing in regards to the “Detroit Temple Saga.” I hope this makes sufficient apologies as well as my original point more clear.
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© CHAKRA 08-Sep-1999

Pratyatosa Saga continues

I would like to offer the apology that Ravi has requested. Can Ravi and his wife also please apologize for the many disturbances that MY children have had to suffer throughout the past few months?
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© CHAKRA 31-Aug-1999

Voice of the 'step-father' in Detroit
By Ravi Hoskote

Once when [Pratyatosa] started yelling at me, I decided to call the cops (he was getting out of hand), so he cut-off my phone lines. At that point, my son and I got in the car and drove to the Police station and filed a report against him. He always lied to my wife saying that my kids and I are making up things against him (my wife was never at home whenever he “misbehaved”).
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Bhusaya is right - Urmila is wrong
Author requests to remain anonymous

CHAKRA (Detroit, MI, USA) - I wonder exactly what intentions Pratyatosha has in participating in legal action. Is it the welfare of the two children he writes about so frequently? 

I am frustrated at clicking on here and reading such things that practically make my blood boil. Detroit temple deserves to have some positive things written, it is awful to see that the only way "your" temple is mentioned is through accusations and criticisms. Where is the mention of our preaching, of all the sincere devotees who continue their service-day in and day out? I am sorry that Pratyatosha and Company feel that their experiences have been quite different, but no matter how many offenses I have made, no matter how many times I have had to suffer because of another devotee, whatever the issues are, whatever the struggles are ---trying to destroy the only spiritual oasis that we have in this material world is going to bring no peace, no healing, no nothing. I, personally cannot sit back and watch that happen. 
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