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Huge Crowds at Hindu Festival 
From BBC World News

Sunday, 24 June, 2001, 15:04 GMT 16:04 UK
The festival takes place in London: Thousands join in
One of the biggest Hindu festivals outside India
Thousands of people are celebrating a major Hindu festival in central London.

The Rath Yatra was first brought to London in 1968 and has grown into the largest annual Hindu procession outside India.

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London Ratha Yatra Huge Success
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (London, U.K.) - June 24, 2001: Ratha Yatra was held in London, England, today. Thousands of devotees danced along the route in the center of the city from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square. There were about 5 to 6 thousand onlookers. The BBC, and other TV and radio stations covered the event. Members of Parliament also spoke before the enthusiastic crowd.

© CHAKRA 24-June-2001

Bhaktivedanta Manor Did Not Mishandle Protestors
By Vipramukhya Swami, temple president

I am the temple president of Bhaktivedanta Manor. Recently much has been said on the Internet regarding how the Manor handled protestors during our recent and highly successful Janmastami festival attended by an estimated 50,000 people. Below is a statement by me, as the temple president, which explains what happened from my perspective.
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© CHAKRA 2-September-2000

Michael Jackson receives book on Vedic culture
By Ramesh Kallidai

CHAKRA (London, U.K.) - August 22, 1999: Romapada dasa from Bhaktivedanta Manor presented Steven Rosen’s book, Vedic Archealogy to Michael Jackson during a private visit to London in July. While Jackson continued to express interest in the book, Mr. Hinduja told him that Romapada dasa was a Vedic scholar and had handpicked the book especially for Jackson and urged him to read the whole book. Jackson promised him that he would read the book the same evening.
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© CHAKRA 22-Aug-99

London Ratha Yatra returns to Trafalgar Square

CHAKRA (London, UK) - August 16, 1999: Rathayatra in London was bigger than ever yesterday, as 7000 people followed the procession from Marble Arch to Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square. It is the same route that Srila Prabhupada danced along in 1973.
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© CHAKRA 16-Aug-99

Largest Initiation since days of Bhagavan before international assembly
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK) - August 14, 1999: Bhakti Charu Swami, Radhanath Swami and Bhakti Vikasa Swami initiated 32 devotees this morning at Bhaktivedanta Manor, England, the day before the London Rathayatra. It was the largest initiation to take place at Bhaktivedanta Manor since the days when Bhagavan was GBC here.

In attendance were devotees from around the world, including Sivarama Swami, Vipramukhya Swami, Sacinandana Swami, Atmanivedana Swami, Amiya Vilasa Swami, Pankajangari dasa from Mayapur and hundreds of devotees from Italy, France, Germany, Argentina, India, America, Canada, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and the U.K.
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© CHAKRA 8-Aug-99

London Rath Yatra to feature East-West fest
Submitted to CHAKRA by Soumitra Das

Times of India - LONDON, August 12, 1999: About 20,000 people are expected to join the "East-West Celebration" of the 31st international "Rath Yatra" festival at Trafalgar Square here on August 15.

Keith Vaz, Parliamentary Secretary to the Lord Chancellor's office and the first Asian minister of Britain, will present the main theme of the festival --`East-West cooperation for the next millennium', the organisers of the festival said Wednesday.

Hundreds of people will pull a 40-foot high, brightly painted wooden chariot, with its familiar temple-shaped canopy, from Hyde Park corner at 12 noon. 
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© CHAKRA 13-Aug-1999