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A Bus for the Youth Ministry
By Manu dasa

Since 1994, members of the ISKCON Youth Ministry have been hosting youth from all over the world on an annual Krishna conscious adventure bus tour to temples, Ratha-yatras, and nature spots across North America.

They've finally outgrown their old school bus and are ready to move up to a real bus with luggage bins and highway speeds.

Help them raise about $3100 as a down payment to get a loan to purchase the below bus (see link) for the youth bus tours that have been held every year alongside Festival Of India.

Problems with ISKCON: A Comment by a Gurukuli
By Maharani dasi 

This letter is in response to Iksvaku Prabhu's article " Problems with ISKCON." I am not involved in the Turley suit in any way. I don't agree with the charge against Srila Prabhupada in the suit. However, I do support the gurukulis right to sue.

Thanks and appreciation from to our sponsor and host,

Family and Youth Conference 2001
September 21-23, 2001

Alachua, Florida: Do you feel rootless, like you don’t belong anywhere? When people ask, where are you from or where is your home, can you answer without thinking about it? Do you feel socially isolated when working or going to school in the dominant culture around you?

HKY Rips Through L.A.
By Gadadhara das

CHAKRA (Los Angeles, California) - The Hare Krishna Youth (HKY) arrived in Los Angles around 3:30 am one Saturday morning, after a 6-hour journey across hot barren deserts, through slaughterhouses, past drunk drivers, and stopping only to relieve our selves at nose grabbing truck stops. 

ISKCON Youth Ministry Anonymous Survey Results
By Manu dasa

Here at long last the frequency results of the anonymous survey ISKCON Youth Ministry conducted in May of 1998. More in-depth results will follow in the weeks to come. The survey was mailed to some 800 youth and young adults who grew up in the Hare Krishna Movement. The purpose was to determine levels of abuse in Gurukula, and solicit honest feedback on what went wrong and what was good about our upbringing and experiences in the movement. We received 115 valid responses, which have been tabulated into an SPSS statistics program.

On behalf of the volunteers around the world who helped hand out and collect the surveys, thank you, all. Thank you to Jaya Radhe for entering most of the survey data, and to Tamohara for helping to evaluate it. Your servant, Manu Dasa
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 14-April-2000

Bridging the Gap: A High School in Vrindavan
By Braja Bihari dasa

CHAKRA (Vrindavan, India) - March 31, 2000: For years we in the Vrindavan Gurukula have lamented that few schools in ISKCON can accommodate teenagers. Most of the children beyond primary school age ended up being dropped into the midst of unfamiliar, non-devotee environments during their impressionable teenage years. Thus we decided to start a Krsna Conscious High School.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 31-Mar-2000

Bhaktimarga Swami apologizes to Raghunatha Stocker
By Bhaktimarga Swami

Your story (and the story of other victims) is one of human shame and the most remote scenario of what you would call “Krishna Consciousness.” As late as it may be taking the liberty to speak for others as well as myself I offer you these three famous words of reconciliation, the words that most modern day politicians have a problem with. “I am sorry!” And then there are three more, “Please forgive us!
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 1st-Oct-1999

GBC Member to Raghunatha Stocker
By Bhakti-tirtha Swami

(See Raghunatha Stocker's article.) So, do we say that for the most part Srila Prabhupada has failed? I think it would be more accurate to say we have failed him. What you and those like you have experienced we ca never fully apologize for, although we must continually apologize. However, our real apologies are based on how we each do our part to strengthen our spiritual culture of ISKCON. We can surely minimize this ever happening again.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 28-Sep-1999

Response to Raghunnatha's Supermom
CHAKRA just received this submission from the wife of an ex-gurukuli. It’s a response to Raghunnatha’s “ Supermom” article which we posted on September 7, 1999. It’s thoughtful and well written. - Madhusudani Radha dasi

By Easter Christopher

There are so many problems with Raghunnatha's Supermom “plan.” I’ll only address the economics in this response.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 28-Sep-1999

Win a trip to India or one of other great prizes
By Krishna Kids

Enter our sweepstakes where all youth, ages 17 and older, have a chance to win one of many exciting prizes.

Here is how it works
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 22-Sep-1999

Obituary - Nigama dasa
By Jahnavi dasi

Nigama Dasa - Another Child of Krishna Died 9-2-99

Nigama was born on April 27th 1976 in Slovenia, (former Yugoslavia) to a Muslim family. He met the devotees at age 14 and at age 16 moved into the temple.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 13-Sep-1999

Gurukuli commits suicide
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK) - September 10, 1999: Nigama, a teenager from Alachua, Florida, committed suicide on Wednesday according to devotees posting texts on CHAKRA’s online open forum.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 10-Sep-1999

By Raghunatha dasa

I grew up with orphans. A bunch of kids in a boarding school some who actually didn’t have parents. Others who couldn’t conceive of parents as anything but complaint banks that produced candy and cool-aid when they whined.

I would ask you to close your eyes because I want to paint a scenario but obviously you need to read. 40 years from now in say two thousand forty, moms are extinct.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 7-Sep-1999

Children of Krishna Inc. Update
by Jahnavi-devi dasi

"Our Mission: Children of Krishna, Inc. supports, furthers, and protects the educational, economic, emotional, and spiritual advancement of the children of the Hare Krishna Movement, through our grant programs, information network, and associated resources."

Motto: "Helping our Youth Help Themselves"

Children of Krishna Inc. would like to sincerely thank all of the kind devotees for their generous contributions towards the goals of Children of Krishna and for the support of our youth last year.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 20-Jul-99

Gurukuli’s signing papers
by Jahnavi

I want to clarify Children of Krishna's position regarding any signing that occurs in regards to the recent posting headed ISKCON Abuse Victims Coerced To Sign Away Rights To Sue?

Children of Krishna is an independent organization and has no need for such documents for our applicants to sign. The document has nothing to do with any grants that Children of Krishna gives. Please do not associate Children of Krishna's name with it before calling and asking us, as you will find we have no such papers to sign to receive grants. Below you can read the forms that we ask our applicants to sign which simply outline our policies and restrictions. That is it.

Regarding the Office of Child Protection, as a youth organization, CKI makes it our business to know what and how the OCP is doing. I can say that they also have no such form for applicants to sign. I myself received a therapy grant from them and never received such an agreement.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 22-Aug-99

Abuse victims signing away rights?
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK) - An article submitted to CHAKRA and VNN by Nrsmhadeva dasa, a known ISKCON critic, claiming that ISKCON abuse victims are being coerced to sign away their rights to sue has been investigated by CHAKRA and appears to be untrue.

“I have never seen this document or anything like it,” says Manu dasa, a former Gurukuli and on the board of directors of ISKCON’s Office of Child Protection.
>Full Story

© CHAKRA 20-Aug-99

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