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“Someone from PP022.gator.net is repeatedly voting by changing their IP address by 1 after each vote.”

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“...we have not only numbers to back up our poll, but verifiable names associated with those votes.”

CHAKRA Rigging Poll?

CHAKRA - July 25, 1999: A recent article on VNN accuses CHAKRA of rigging its poll. The article quotes a letter from Pollit.com Support which claims that someone "from PP022.gator.net is repeatedly voting by changing their IP address by '1' after each vote."

“Although Pollit.com uses the most advanced methods of multiple vote prevention available today it is possible for skilled people with right equipment to vote more than once,” Pollit is quoted on VNN. “Unless every human contains a tracking device embedded into his/her body it will always be impossible to stop 100% of multiple votes.”

VNN footnotes the article by saying, “VNN Polls are closely monitored to prevent this kind of fraud.”

If a company using the “most advanced methods of multiple vote prevention available today” and selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange cannot prevent multiple votes, we doubt VNN has invented a better method. In fact, you can bet there is cheating on VNN, too. Internet polls are not considered scientific, and VNN is misleading the public by alleging their polls are any better. Note that Pollit explains how they monitor multiple votes. VNN doesn’t explain anything.

No one from the CHAKRA team lives in Florida, which is the home of gator.net, which is reportedly the source of the repeated voting according to Pollit.com. (Get it? Gators are alligators, and they are in Florida). In fact, Florida happens to be the home of the so-called IRG, or ISKCON Reform Group, a small group of ritvik theorists.

CHAKRA also wonders how could it be possible that ritviks could have racked up thousands of votes on our Adri-Ajamila poll when the number of ritvik supporters in Florida and around the world are so small. Could it be that it is actually the IRG that is cheating on CHAKRA’s poll by changing their IP address from gator.net?

As for CHAKRA cheating on its poll, well, we have not only numbers to back up our poll, but verifiable names associated with those votes. In fact, CHAKRA has received literally thousands of letters from devotees worldwide rejecting the ritvik theory proposed by Adridharan. Only a handful of letters have been received from those supporting the ritvik theory.

So if someone thinks CHAKRA is cheating on its poll results, perhaps they need to spend a little time reading letters from the persons who sent a letter when they voted. Click here to go to our POLL feedback page and read some of the letters yourself.

The poll on CHAKRA is only an indication, but it cannot be considered accurate as long as someone from gator.net in Florida has figured out how to cheat. A much better way to tell the reaction of the devotees to the recent debate is to look at the feedback page.

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