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About our web site

Welcome to CHAKRA! Come in, look around, and have a good time. We've got a pretty huge web site here for you, and we're still growing all the time. In fact, we have a very active team of contributors. Visit this site often to see the latest articles appearing to challenge the Disinformation Campaign.

CHAKRA is a website of Hare Krishna devotees who want to present another side of Krsna Consciousness to the world. It is independent and unofficial. At CHAKRA, we are friends with the GBC, but we only present our own views.

Why is “CHAKRA” our name?

Our name was invented by Umapati Swami as an acronym for CHAmpions of KRishna's Army

As armies go, we're friendly. The only thing we kill is unhappy thoughts, and our only weapons are the scriptures. We hope you enjoy reading our views about life, current events, the universe, and everything else.

And if you like controversy, CHAKRA has some of that too. We will answer what we consider mistakes about Krsna Consciousness and rumors about our movement. Maybe you will agree with us, maybe not. But even if you don't, we still like you.

Do we have an editorial policy?

Definitely. Click here to read it.

How many people visit CHAKRA?

Usually we get about 40,000 unique, individual hits a month, but during peak times as during the GBC meetings, that number can be much higher.

How to navigate around

It's easy to navigate around CHAKRA. To return to the home page you can usually click on the spinning wheel at the top of most pages.

There are helpful menu structures that appear on the side of key pages that tell you clearly where you are and help you find where you want to go.

How big is CHAKRA?

Pretty big! There are about 50 megabytes of texts to read here, so if you explore and spend the time, you can find almost anything you want.

Who runs CHAKRA?

CHAKRA is run by a group of ISKCON friendly, non-GBC brahmacaris, ladies and sannyasis. We report news honestly, even that news which may sometimes be critical of ISKCON or the GBC, as long as it meets with our editorial policy. At CHAKRA we believe honesty, transparency and good reporting is the best policy.

How often is it updated?

We update CHAKRA daily, or sometimes several times a day. But there are other times when we might not be able to update it for a few days at a time. It depends. We're volunteers. We do our best! For best luck, go to the home page and select the "Mind-It" button on the left column of the page to receive e-mail notification every time we update CHAKRA.

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